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Harajuku Moment…

Bantry Bay Views
Bantry Bay Views
  • Week of 23 to 29 May.
  • Monday, woke up in Stellenbosch, tea with Paul, podcast drive to Cape Town, podcast walk to the office, stayed at the office till after dark, it was raining, so I took an Uber to The Odyssey Gastropub, burger special night with Paul and some nice red wines.
  • Listen to: Derek Sivers on Developing Confidence, Finding Happiness, and Saying No to Millions.
  • “I miss you already, I miss you all day.” — Pearl Jam.

  • Tuesday, office, ISP meeting, played photographer at Mia’s hockey tournament – she played for the A and B team again – 8 games in total, she scored 3 goals, Hussar burgers – I remember listening to Video Killed the Radio Star – Mia liked it – chats about doing things with passion, art, hockey and virtues, dropped Mia off at her mom’s house, drove to Cape Town, in bed early.
  • I must say, since I’ve been into podcasts, driving is more chilled and slightly less painful.
  • The new hockey stick seems to work much better. Mia scored a very cool goal. Nice to see her dribble and not just whack the ball up the field.
  • Wednesday, podcast drive to the office, Dasan GPON gear demo, ISP meeting in the CBD, tinkered with our new office GPON lab, meeting with one of the more technical building trustees we’ve come across, Heavy Chef talk by Adriana Marais about going to Mars (and not coming back), Heavy Chef ~alum dinner at HQ with Dan, Fred, Don and Adriana (alpha female astronaut chats), dropped Don off in Green Point, tried to process some hockey photos, but fell asleep.
  • Really enjoyed the talk about going to Mars. Living with 1/3 gravity and eating insects for protein could be weird. Growing food on Mars must be a really cool challenge.
  • Thursday, podcast drive to the office, a beer at La Vie with Michael of Seedstars World fame, Bureaux Black office opening function – bumped into Melissa of Genevieve bubbly fame and had a nice sunset catch up chat, fetched Paul and Hilah, drinks at The Baxter Theatre with Claus and Janey, we watched Life by Rob Van Vuuren – standup comedy – bit of a delay getting in – I liked the part about podcast listening people, dropped Paul and Hilah off at Van Hunks, drove home, caught up on some notes processing, in bed fairly early.
  • “All I want to know is… how strong is your dagga?” — Rob Van Vuuren, about a bunch of people who bought tickets for the previous night of the show. Paul had the date wrong.

  • Friday, office, training and diagram drawing session with Conor over three cups of Camphill milk tea, after work drinks with rooftop views, Seedstars World Cape Town at Workshop 17 / Waterfront, a Mondiall wagyu cheese burger – legendary burgers, some photo processing at home.
  • I’ve been pondering AfrikaBurn project ideas. Nothing has stuck so far. Maybe… a big sign that says: “More life, fucker.” or “In Tyler we trust.” … or maybe build Sim Mars.
  • 1500 FB friends, 982 Twitter followers (negative growth). Took me about 10 months to get the last 100 FB friends.
  • Saturday, tea and backups, brunch with Cath at the Granger Bay market, received a Telegram from Mia saying “Still vomiting” and had a bit of a moment, health drama number 9 – unhappy phone conversations with Naulene, Waterfront shopping with Cath – kinda got stuck at H&M and L’Occitane – found some Dermastine (apparently that’s better than bio oil, thanks Cath), found some half price cargo shorts for winter, Dog day afternoon at Jason on Loop – gourmet hot dogs and Steph Weiss (reminded me of Christina), good chats with Cath – and a few AfrikaBurn stories, dropped Cath off at her massage, notes processing and blogging at home, for some reason I was 100+ notes behind.
  • Why can’t a self teacher leave students?
  • Random podcast notes collection for the week: Dream bigger. Find the courage to do more. You are whoever you pretend to be. Being really interested is remarkable. Scratch your own itch. Do things for the right reason. Hell yeah, or no. Do lots of things, but one thing at a time. The world needs to be jailbroken.
  • “The important thing is to have a ball, to be joyful, to be loving and to be explosive. Out of that comes everything and you grow.” — Ray Bradbury

  • Sunday, breakfast with Wouter and Zander at Jarryds, not really sure what I did all afternoon, but it involved some organising of things around the house, keto supper experiment (sardines, oysters and avos – followed by keto mousse – with raw cacao and pasture fed cream), sunset podcast promenade walk, an hour long Facetime audio chat with Jacques (in London) – we mostly chatted health challenge ideas and aquaponics, blogging, watched Moon… good movie.
  • Avoid Trans Fats.
  • That point where you go screw this and go on a health mission… it’s been rainy and somehow its been a number of days in a row of eating out with wine etc. I have not been to gym in 4 weeks. It’s time. Harajuku moment achieved.
  • June is going to be a health month. Will track some metrics. Should be fun. Sounds like Jacques is joining the challenge.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.