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Quick Update

What nerds do on evenings and weekends…

Ocean View Drive
Ocean View Drive
  • Week of 20-26 June.
  • Monday, podcast drive to the office, aquaponics design chat with Michael, brunch at Kleinsky’s with Paul… Latke Benedict with actual bacon, sunset walk to Clifton and a phone chat with Mia, beginners yoga class at The Yoga Life – pretty cool – I can see why people like it (and the instructor was super hot), sardines and avo for supper.
  • In fact, the instructor reminded me of Mia’s mother a long time ago. Maybe if she kept doing yoga she would be less angry at the world now.
  • Wouter gave me one of his prototype yoga mats, one of only three in the world (-:
  • Note to self: watch a lot of Youtube clips about how all these yoga poses are supposed to work.
  • I’m kinda taking on more of a marketing role at work soon, should be fun.
  • Album of the week: Drive soundtrack.
  • Tuesday, took some photos of the office for an article, radio ads meeting, lunchtime walk, investor meeting, swapped a fish tank, tested the pump – I think I need a bigger one, reading and research.
  • Choose projects you can’t fail at, even if you fail.
  • Wednesday, TiTea with Turmeric, gym, swim, sauna, cold showers, office, lunchtime walk, Vumatel meeting, MFN meeting, some marketing campaign design tinkering, (hot room) power yoga at The Yoga Life with Hilah – very zen moment after the class was over – they played the music from the plastic bag scene – I think I can get into this, cooked an uber healthy veggie meal at home (which in theory I could all have grown in an aquaponics farm – except for the avo), tinkered with a name for a startup idea but kept getting stuck on a Blade Runner theme.
  • Tune of the week: The plastic bag scene.
  • Power yoga is not for sissies. That room is pretty hot.
  • “The courage of exploring vs. the commitment to staying.”

  • Seems fat + fructose causes resistance to hormones that regulate hunger and habit (your mind) trumps the feeling of being full, but a purpose/commitment and mindfulness works to avoid unhealthy food. It’s a mind game.
  • “Strong Opinions, Loosely Held.” — Marc Andreessen

  • “Cult and fringe …what the nerds do on nights and weekends.” — Marc Andreesen

  • I’m starting to think that if you want to build (technology) businesses, you don’t really want a woman in your life. I just find I get so much more useful thinking done. Love is not the answer. Art is.
  • Create new things. Experience new things.
  • Thursday, office, catch up breakfast with Gavin – mostly blockchain thinking, VoIP PBX meeting, chats about Soylent diets around the office, bumped into Dave D and took a walk around Bantry Bay with him, epic sunset as we left the office, Michael and I had some beer while operating power tools – to build a bell siphon for our aquaponics farm – we managed to get it working, I cooked another uber healthy supper to mimic what I can grow in an aquaponics farm (but swapped the tilapia for sardines), phone chat with Mia.
  • The Silicon Valley of hardware: WIRED’s Shenzhen documentary.
  • Friday, podcast drive to the office, fetched Mia from school – start of the school holidays, lunch at The Millhouse Kitchen at Lourensford with Mia – we had a chat about her school report, dentist visit with Mia – teeth feeling super clean, office, promenade walk with Mia, a drink at La Vie, pizza at Posticino’s with Mia and Philippa (who now has an office in our building) – we did the usual dinner questions – chats about meditation, what is happiness?, why touch typing from a young age is a good idea – and the balance between the courage to explore new things and sticking around, we picked up a selection of dark chocolate on the way home and watched The Last Star Fighter (1984)… wholesome sci-fi classic, Mia liked it.
  • Open plan offices can be pretty painful if there are 3 conversations going on at once.
  • He-Man coloured tea is overrated. I like my tea like a 3yo likes it. Milky and creamy, with pasture fed milk, in a bigger than usual cup.
  • My new theory is that the fat on top of the Camphill milk keeps it fresh. Seems to last 2+ weeks.
  • What are you most excited about? Which ideas would you die for?
  • Saturday, tea and reading, introduced Mia to the Headspace app, I explained bell siphons to Mia, Knead with Cath and Mia – we made some keto diet notes, Myog, BIA machine party at the Discovery shop, promenade walk with Cath and Mia – we chatted diets and app ideas, watched the rugby at Pastis with Dan and Claus and Mia – and played some Star Wars Top Trumps, watched My Fair Lady with Mia and Philippa – epic 3 hour classic.
  • “That’s my profession, also my hobby.” — My Fair Lady

  • Seems Gery is staying with us for a few days.
  • Sunday, tea and photo processing, breakfast at Newport Deli with Mia and Wouter, some blogging while we watched The Gremlins (1984)… Mia liked it, Mia watched The Goonies again – I motivated myself to finally (!) sort through my AfrikaBurn crates, sunset promenade walk with Mia, Wouter made a very nice Spaghetti alla Carbonara again, we watched The Gremlins 2, time well spent.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Tiramisu, fish tanks and Apocalypse Now…

School run
School run
  • Week of 13-19 June. Not really a health week.
  • Monday, school run, gym, blogging, city wayleaves meeting, I discovered an AngelBerry shop (froghurt) – try it, office, watched the Apple WWDC event.
  • I think I’ll wait till September to get an Apple Watch 2.
  • “Embody what you want your children to embody.”

  • “Fancy gets broken.”

  • “Don’t be afraid to show your scars.”

  • My face seems to be healing pretty well.
  • Tuesday, breakfast with Elan of SleekGeek fame at Sotano (try the Mediterranean breakfast), civil engineering meeting, catch up chat with Dan, ISP meeting, winter burger special at Engruna with Pieter – we chatted innovation districts and connecting academia and startups, tiramisu.
  • I bumped into Allan. He said my fasting blog post changed his live. Cool.
  • “Fewer, better things.”

  • Winter has arrived in Cape Town.
  • Tell me about the thing you are most passionate about?
  • Wednesday, up early, TiTea with Matcha and raw cacao, gym, swim, steam bath and cold showers, podcast drive to the office, breakfast with Nick – we chatted health apps, some aquaponics tank and grow bed shopping with Michael, watched 24h party people… amusing.
  • My Instagram feed is now CC BY-NC-SA, just because.
  • Octotel signed up another 12 buildings this week.
  • How Romanticism Ruined Love.
  • “Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” — Robert A. Heinlein, not that I agree with this, but it seems to be true.

  • Thursday, public holiday, pet shop and hardware store visit, watched Apocalypse Now (for the first time!)… epic 3 hour movie – how have I not seen this before?, winter special at Goloso (Wouter had a Tinder date over for dinner), tiramisu and some blogging and photo processing.
  • What is your theme for 2016? It’s probably something you’re already busy with. I’m thinking: health, food and fibre.
  • Keto tiramisu would be cool. Hmm.
  • Plans are in motion to build a small aquaponics farm. Michael and I are finally getting around to it.
  • Thought while watching Apocalypse Now: Get together, get things done, get weird, get outside, experience new things, find adventure.
  • “What good is a story without zigs and zags?”

  • Would it sound weird if I say – my life feels strangely together. Might need some misadventures soon. I need to Forest Gump my way into some new and interesting things.
  • Note to self: get a dog, at some point. Go to Midburn – or Nowhere next year.
  • Friday, podcast walk to the office, I have a new desktop monitor – pretty cool, got a fish tank pump and some clear pipe, fetched a box of Ethical Co-op stuff, after work beers on the roof terrace and chats about aquariums and fish, some aquaponics book reading and notes making.
  • New desktop monitor: LG 25UM57, 25inch UltraWide, 21:9 aspect ratio, reasonable price and the pixel size is pretty good.
  • Fasting Diets Are Gaining Acceptance.
  • “Just because it’s futile does not mean it can’t be fun. Just because you love something doesn’t mean you can’t suck at it.” — Mike Rowe

  • Seems connective tissue takes 6 months to regenerate – explains why my shoulder and wrist are not back to normal yet.
  • How often do I journal? Hmm. I never really stop.
  • Saturday, breakfast at Loading Bay with Wouter and Zander – Zander and I hung out while Wouter fetched yoga mats, I made some Matcha lattes with the most groovy milk in the universe – it even comes in glass jars – Wouter was unimpressed, some notes processing, a Guinness at Ferrymans – watched about 30min of the rugby, a Newlands Spring Passionate Blonde at Sevruga (undercover SAB craft beer – very good – try it), watched The Nice Guys at the Waterfront… good movie – one for the Ryan Gosling fan club – the (flawed) father / daughter theme was cool, a Martini at Mondiall – try the fish tacos – most excellent, tiramisu at Balducci’s.
  • “2 x Milk, Cow, Full Cream, Raw 1 litre *PET MILK* (in glass jar) – Camphill Dairy (R25.00 each)”

  • Pro tip: show up 15min late for movies – skip the ads.
  • Yak Shaving. Wouter likes to use this lingo.
  • “That is the way to learn the most when you are doing something with such enjoyment that you don’t notice that the time passes.” — Albert Einstein

  • Sunday, rainy day, notes processing and research, TiTea, gym, swim, sauna, massage – neck and shoulders needed it, nice to see Ingi, some Giovanni’s shopping with Wouter – fresh pasta etc, Wouter made an epic Linguine alla Carbonara with real pancetta and Boschendal free range eggs, Paul brought some wine… Neil Ellis Chardonnay and Shiraz, time well spent.
  • I’ve started a Telegram group to get a few people testing my keto diet ideas.
  • Tune of the week: Ride of the Valkyries.
  • What have you done that’s new and interesting in the last year?
  • Ok, so… I’m off to my first yoga class now, bye.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Fasting week…

  • Week of 6-12 June.
  • Health week 2/5. My 4th fast, pretty easy this time actually, water and green tea.
  • 10k steps every day this week.
  • I started the week at 86.1kg and was 82.2kg on Friday.
  • Monday, Matcha TiTea, school run, gym – my wrist is better – a cold shower or two, found a Thule Atmos X4 iPhone6S case – I can now drop my phone from about 2m, office, lunchtime walk, green tea, left the office after dark, watched this very hippie movie.
  • Tuesday, office, city wayleave meeting, Mweb meeting, sunset podcast promenade walk.
  • “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” — Johan, city wayleave meeting.

  • Wednesday, swim – more like a stretching session and a meditation, steam bath and cold showers, podcast drive to the office, found Mia an iPhone5S – she wanted a white one – very specific about the specs – small hands etc – bit of a delayed birthday present I guess, wayleaves meeting, lunchtime walk, pet shop visit, sunset promenade walk.
  • I figured out I had bought an old model Atmos X4 case and asked for an updated design case. Thule was really quick in responding. Good service.
  • My DebConf bio… Lives in Cape Town. Types Dvorak. Uses Mutt. Enjoys Studio Ghibli movies, Campari, and Chardonnay. Teacher of self. Student of life. Geek of health.
  • Octotel added 11 new buildings this week – landowner consent agreements. The new business dev team is doing well.
  • I seem to hover around 5mmol/l ketones when fasting, day 2 onwards.
  • Sitting on about 15k vitality points so far, only 15k to go.
  • “Walk through walls.”

  • 13 Virtues of Ben Franklin.
  • Thursday, office, catch-up chat with Sarah at Workshop 17, researched BIA machines, sunset promenade walk and a phone chat with Ernst, some blogging at home.
  • Naulene seems to have just stopped all communications for a week, which kinda makes it hard to plan school things for Mia. Some people…
  • I made it to March 2015 with the TimF show, almost up to date.
  • Friday, Matcha TiTea, swim, steam bath and cold showers, office, catch-up chat with Greg – pondering getting a BIA machine for the office, did a SIM swap for Mia, fetched Mia, we went on a bit of an adventure to find Philippi Village, bit of a detour getting there – pretty farming area in general, the Philippi Village building is pretty cool – library etc, found the aquaponics farm, I had to phone Pieter to get directions – turns out they changed the sign outside Technopark because I complained about the font – funny enough, I actually drove by there recently thinking – thank goodness they changed that font at the entrance, Mia and I had sliders at Hudsons in Green Point – my first meal since Sunday – walked out of there pretty stuffed, gelato, in bed early.
  • Hyperventilating in a cold shower after five days of not eating. Makes you feel alive. Try it (-;
  • “Cultivate empty space.”

  • Saturday, woke up at about 5:30 for some reason and figured this is a good time to upgrade my main Linode to Ubuntu 16.04, also upgraded to php7, a device upgrade and backups party, we tried to open a bank account for Mia at Standard Bank but they had some brain dead FICA rules – yeah, this ten year old is a big threat – muppets, breakfast with Wouter at the new Baked in Sea Point… not bad, got a new Thule phone screen cover (thanks Richard), Mia and I went to the Waterfront to print her photography competition entry photo (A4) and find her a new phone cover, watched the SA vs Ireland rugby game at Newlands with Pieter and Mia – good fun, Mia’s first live Springbok rugby game, burger in a bowl at Da Vinci’s and some tiramisu.
  • It seems some girls are cool enough to want to go to rugby games.
  • Mia seems happy with her new phone. I added a podcast or two for her to get into.
  • Sunday, up pretty early again, a bit more sysadminy work – fixed a very annoying mosh segfault issue and had a quick intro to systemd in the process, Zander’s 5th birthday party, a walk around the Waterfont with Mia, kinda got stuck at the L’Occitan shop again, an extended Sunday lunch at Bulducci’s with Mia and Paul, gelato and a stroll around the harbour, sundowners at La Vie with Mia, Hilah, Paul and Al, watched Sneakers with Mia – with some dark Toblerone, time well spent.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Things to make and do in keto week…

New Office
New Office
  • Week of 30 May to 5 June …mostly digging up roads and listening to podcasts.
  • Health week 1/5.
  • Yeah, this post is late. Notes backlog and not eating. Can’t think of any better reasons right now.
  • Week of ketosis without fasting, well I skipped breakfast (IF), but I don’t really count that as fasting anymore. Just a change in diet – protein, fat, fibre.
  • Monday, podcast drive to the office, cholesterol test (like real blood test at PathCare – costs R377 – pretty quick and easy – there is a PathCare in our building), BIA test at the Discovery shop, went to go buy some coconut oil for the office (cold pressed, extra virgin), catch up chat with Jack (Stellenbosch underwater hockey coach) – we’re going to try and test ketogenic diets for underwater hockey players for longer breath hold times, catch up chat with Michael about an education project idea, sunset promenade walk with Dan – we mostly chatted swimming and farming, early supper at La Vie with Dan and a fresh lime and soda (why have I not thought of this drink before?).
  • Olympus Mons is the largest volcano in the solar system.
  • “Life is the little things, repeated.”

  • Hedonic treadmill theory.
  • Tuesday, TiTea, gym – squats day, my wrist is still not totally happy – I figured 4 weeks of resting would fix it, but I guess not – can’t really bench press, podcast drive to the office, got my cholesterol results (not bad), another BIA data point collected, had a bit of a moment with Naulene again for not taking Mia to the doctor and rather giving her “organic” medicine – she finally took Mia to the doctor – 7 days after she started to vomit and after 4 days of missing school – brain hurt, some GPON lab testing, quick sunset promenade walk, Octotel Mouille Point community information evening, had a broccoli, kale, avo, grass fed steak and keto mousse supper with Wouter… astronaut food.
  • Cholesterol test results:
    Total 6.5 (not great)
    LDL 4.3 (not great)
    HDL 1.8 (good)
    Total Cholesterol to HDL ratio: 3.5 (good)

  • Kinda woke up thinking, thank goodness I’m over my end of 2014 wobble.
  • “If there are answers at the back of the book, it’s not a good problem.”

  • Stating the obvious, but zero alcohol for a few days makes a difference, to sleep quality and mood.
  • Wednesday, podcast walk to the office, green tea with coconut oil (new IF routine), fetched my new iPhone 6S, city fibre meeting (one of the better ones), walked home for a late lunch, catch up promenade walk with Dan, quick visit to Dan’s new Camps Bay house, early supper of sardines, oysters, avos and keto mousse, I had to make myself a new phone background for some reason, mostly reading and notes processing.
  • Octotel moved office again (see above). We are now in The Bureaux Black space on the 8th foor (and we still have an office on the 6th floor). Makes way more sense to be on the 8th floor (-:
  • The iPhone migration was pretty painless, except for having to log into 16 apps again. Meh. Still super impressive that you can, in one day, totally migrate over to a new phone. I can’t say the whole 3D Touch thing is useful (yet), new policy: maximum two screens of apps – without folders – except one folder for all the useless apps you can’t delete. I have to say the iPhone6S is very much on the edge of being too big – if you want to operate it with one hand (yeah – I know about that double tap screen scroll down thing). The camera is great – pretty much makes my little Canon S90 redundant.
  • Thursday, podcast drive to the office, first morning in the new office, coconut green tea, some GPON lab testing, went to go listen to Pieter’s lecture based on his PhD research in the CBD, took Philippa for a quick tour of our new office and had a late lunch catch up at Knead (omelette at 15:00)- chats about AfrikaBurn, the recent Baxter show and Matcha green tea lattes, epic sunset, I cooked a healthy veg meal at home, chats with Wouter and some keto mousse.
  • Mia was sick at home from Tuesday to Thursday. Sounds like she read about seven books.
  • “Innovation = New things that work.” — Pieter

  • “Get together and get things done.” — Edward Norton

  • Your human-size life.
  • “The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.” — Bob Marley

  • Friday, TiTea, gym, office, fetched Mia from school, Gardens Centre, I had a haircut while Mia had her first manicure – she walked out with purple nails, found some Matcha tea, food shopping, sunset Glen Beach and Camps Bay walk – Mia had a series of riddles for me to answer – good fun, healthy supper, Mia and I made some keto mousse, we watched Back To The Future Part 2… time well spent.
  • Our home recycle programme has expanded to include composting.
  • Saturday, I experimented with making Matcha lattes – pretty good – 1/2 coconut milk – Mia liked it, Mia made us breakfast with a Tyler Swift soundtrack – I introduced her to the new Brandon Flowers, grapefruit, we fetched Cath and went to this dress shop in Bree Street, a visit to Michael’s house in Constantia and a tour of some land soon to be a weekend market, Kamers (at the Castle) with Mia and Cath – not really my vibe, but Mia liked it, pizza at Col’caccio’s in Camps Bay, dropped Cath off at home, Mia and I watched Back To The Future Part 3, sunset walk to Clifton, we watched The Goonies – Mia loved it… really make you crave adventure.
  • “From the hills of Kyoto comes Matcha, a tea steeped in Japanese lore. Matcha is a finely ground tealeaf that was first used by Zen monks as they believed it invoked mental clarity and physical energy. The Japanese regard Matcha equivalent to 10 cups of green tea. It is the perfect tea for when, just like the monks of old, you need to dedicate yourself to the task ahead.”

  • Been doing my 10k steps per day. Nice to have some health stats on my phone again.
  • ^5 to the guy/girl who invented the grapefruit knife.
  • NuMetro finally fixed their iOS app. Was broken for weeks. I had to bug them. Now I can see what’s showing at the pretty much the only cinema I seem to ever go to.
  • I’m looking for people to test my ketogenic diet ideas. I have two volunteers so far. Do you feel like losing 5kg fat and gaining 3kg muscle in 5 weeks? Get in touch.
  • I realised this week that I pretty much have a work uniform. Chinos and blue shirts – when I’m not wearing the work golf shirts.
  • Sunday, we drove to the Root 44 Market with Dan – pretty cool A5 Cab, mini golf, eisbein and Darling Bone Crushers with Dan, Caley, Fred, kids and co, we arrived back home and devoured a bag of grenadillas, sunset promenade walk with Mia, Paul and Philippa, burgers at Hussar / Mouille Point with Mia – usual table – usual batch of dinner questions for Mia – different waiter, in bed early.
  • I’ve been making lists of dinner time questions for Mia through the week. Some interesting topics so far.
  • Cape Town Soda: pint glass, ice, juice of one fresh lime, soda, tiny bit of salt. Yeah, I just made up the name, but try it.
  • I think I should maybe write a TV show. Single dads in tech, with unhinged exes and interesting cooking tips. Sitcom or cooking show?

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Just for fun, let’s post a zen home screen, I’m sure it will be good for a laugh when looking back at this in a few years…