Quick Update

Fasting week…

  • Week of 6-12 June.
  • Health week 2/5. My 4th fast, pretty easy this time actually, water and green tea.
  • 10k steps every day this week.
  • I started the week at 86.1kg and was 82.2kg on Friday.
  • Monday, Matcha TiTea, school run, gym – my wrist is better – a cold shower or two, found a Thule Atmos X4 iPhone6S case – I can now drop my phone from about 2m, office, lunchtime walk, green tea, left the office after dark, watched this very hippie movie.
  • Tuesday, office, city wayleave meeting, Mweb meeting, sunset podcast promenade walk.
  • “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” — Johan, city wayleave meeting.

  • Wednesday, swim – more like a stretching session and a meditation, steam bath and cold showers, podcast drive to the office, found Mia an iPhone5S – she wanted a white one – very specific about the specs – small hands etc – bit of a delayed birthday present I guess, wayleaves meeting, lunchtime walk, pet shop visit, sunset promenade walk.
  • I figured out I had bought an old model Atmos X4 case and asked for an updated design case. Thule was really quick in responding. Good service.
  • My DebConf bio… Lives in Cape Town. Types Dvorak. Uses Mutt. Enjoys Studio Ghibli movies, Campari, and Chardonnay. Teacher of self. Student of life. Geek of health.
  • Octotel added 11 new buildings this week – landowner consent agreements. The new business dev team is doing well.
  • I seem to hover around 5mmol/l ketones when fasting, day 2 onwards.
  • Sitting on about 15k vitality points so far, only 15k to go.
  • “Walk through walls.”

  • 13 Virtues of Ben Franklin.
  • Thursday, office, catch-up chat with Sarah at Workshop 17, researched BIA machines, sunset promenade walk and a phone chat with Ernst, some blogging at home.
  • Naulene seems to have just stopped all communications for a week, which kinda makes it hard to plan school things for Mia. Some people…
  • I made it to March 2015 with the TimF show, almost up to date.
  • Friday, Matcha TiTea, swim, steam bath and cold showers, office, catch-up chat with Greg – pondering getting a BIA machine for the office, did a SIM swap for Mia, fetched Mia, we went on a bit of an adventure to find Philippi Village, bit of a detour getting there – pretty farming area in general, the Philippi Village building is pretty cool – library etc, found the aquaponics farm, I had to phone Pieter to get directions – turns out they changed the sign outside Technopark because I complained about the font – funny enough, I actually drove by there recently thinking – thank goodness they changed that font at the entrance, Mia and I had sliders at Hudsons in Green Point – my first meal since Sunday – walked out of there pretty stuffed, gelato, in bed early.
  • Hyperventilating in a cold shower after five days of not eating. Makes you feel alive. Try it (-;
  • “Cultivate empty space.”

  • Saturday, woke up at about 5:30 for some reason and figured this is a good time to upgrade my main Linode to Ubuntu 16.04, also upgraded to php7, a device upgrade and backups party, we tried to open a bank account for Mia at Standard Bank but they had some brain dead FICA rules – yeah, this ten year old is a big threat – muppets, breakfast with Wouter at the new Baked in Sea Point… not bad, got a new Thule phone screen cover (thanks Richard), Mia and I went to the Waterfront to print her photography competition entry photo (A4) and find her a new phone cover, watched the SA vs Ireland rugby game at Newlands with Pieter and Mia – good fun, Mia’s first live Springbok rugby game, burger in a bowl at Da Vinci’s and some tiramisu.
  • It seems some girls are cool enough to want to go to rugby games.
  • Mia seems happy with her new phone. I added a podcast or two for her to get into.
  • Sunday, up pretty early again, a bit more sysadminy work – fixed a very annoying mosh segfault issue and had a quick intro to systemd in the process, Zander’s 5th birthday party, a walk around the Waterfont with Mia, kinda got stuck at the L’Occitan shop again, an extended Sunday lunch at Bulducci’s with Mia and Paul, gelato and a stroll around the harbour, sundowners at La Vie with Mia, Hilah, Paul and Al, watched Sneakers with Mia – with some dark Toblerone, time well spent.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

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