Quick Update

Real flow, deep play…

Bantry Bay
Bantry Bay
  • Week of 25 to 31 July.
  • This post is two weeks late. I had 182 notes to process.
  • Monday, a crisp 8 degC school run, gym, cold showers, podcast drive to Cape Town, left the office after dark, another Georg birthday dinner at Hussar Grill in Mouille Point – end of a series of July birthdays.
  • Courage is the first virtue.
  • Software is eating the world.
  • Tuesday, TiTea – somewhat strange turmeric and matcha high after hyper ventilating, gym, a few cold showers, Strolla / #TableTopTuesdays with Max, Heleen, Pieter etc, very rainy day, office, phone chat with Mia, left the office after dark, watched a Vice video about Wim Hof – hurt really is a very strong motivator, read a chapter of a book.
  • Seems you really want to avoid sugar and Omega6 to prevent heart disease.
  • Wednesday, 24h fasting day, office, lunchtime swim, sunset walk, read a chapter of a book.
  • Thursday, office, Web Africa meeting, lunch with Dan at Rua, back and neck massage at Wembley Square, Wellness Warehouse – got some Metformin, Boron and Zink, Uva Mira tasting, office, I fed the neighbour’s cat some sardines (keto snack), strawberries and cream and a catch up chat with Wouter.
  • “Well, either boring or crazy, right?” — Nick

  • Managed to get a Metformin prescription, going to try a two week experiment.
  • Smart and interesting.
  • “Write in a trance. Act in a trance. Build in a trance.”

  • “We’re as old as our joints feel.”

  • Friday, TiTea, gym, bought the usual 3 lt of milk, office, Octotel automation system design meeting, Cool Ideas meeting, rushed home to meet our electrician, Vox meeting, an omelette for lunch with Paul, after work drinks on the roof and chats with Michael, phone chat with Ed, Van Hunks with Georg, phone chat with Ernst, Outrage of Modesty with Georg – some interesting cocktails, Aces.
  • Sharing is caring, but not so much in the fibre industry.
  • I figure I’m on a 10 year mission to keep feeling 30.
  • The best way to learn is to teach.
  • Saturday, played pool guy, bought some LECA / grow medium, visited Pet World and got some water test kits (pH, NO2, NO3), Builders Warehouse visit, phone chat with Mia, a steak at Nelsons Eye with Georg, watched Hearts of Darkness – making of Apocalypse Now… very good.
  • Sunday, some aquaponics farm hacking – washed the LECA and stones, added the filter and heater, added the NH3 (pee, yes – standard human pee), a pizza and tiramisu and white russians next to the fire at Posticino while reading an aquaponics book, phone chat with Mia, watched The Right Stuff.
  • I’m enjoying the farming – found myself around 2pm not knowing what the time was – still in my pajamas, tinkering with the aquaponics farm, real flow…
  • Aqp farm stats: pH was just over 7 – which is good. Next I’ll start measuring NO2 and then NO3 (which is what you want), water temperature was around 18 degC, needs to be higher. With a bit of luck I should have a biofilter (two types of bacteria) within 4 weeks – if we have enough sunny days, and then I can start adding plants and fish.
  • “In rare moments of deep play, we can lay aside our sense of self, shed time’s continuum, ignore pain, and sit quietly in the absolute present, watching the world’s ordinary miracles.” — Diane Ackerman

Have a fun week, crazy kids.