Quick Update

Hack good art…

Bantry Bay
Bantry Bay
  • Week of 1 to 7 August.
  • Monday, measured the NO2 levels of the aquaponics farm – nothing yet, office, we looked at some new office space for Octotel (same building), installed Ubuntu server on an Intel NUC (Atom CPU / no moving parts), sunset walk towards Bantry Bay, cycled the aquaponics farm, phone chat with Ernst, veggie supper and a catch-up chat with Wouter, some blogging.
  • I started journalling on paper. Not sure if it’s much better than text files, but I think so.
  • “Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly.” — Mae West

  • Tuesday, Titea, gym, office, letterhead design session, closed a safety deposit box at the bank – kinda lost the key – it’s been 10+ years – so they wanted me to take it to a locksmith and bring back the box – hmm – not going to happen – after much debate they just gave me this big blue metal box, Octotel automation system design meeting, installed Raspian on a Raspberry Pi v1 (for the aqp farm), sunset walk towards Bantry Bay, cooked a roast chicken and roast veggies dinner, cycled the aquaponics farm.
  • Wednesday, Titea, national voting day / public holiday, took some water readings from the aquaponics farm pH (7.0), NO2 – Nitrite, NO3 – Nitrate (the stuff the plants like) – no bio filter activity yet, phone chat with Dan, breakfast with Wouter at Jarryds – we chatted about having more kids and the top diseases that kill people – coronary heart disease combined with smoking is the clear winner, drove to Camps Bay to go vote – fairly painless – 94.2% DA – listened to a Wim Hof podcast on the Joe Rogan show in the queue, phone chat with Ernst, hacked together some insulation for the aquaponics farm – cut up one of Wouter’s old yoga mats and used a healthy amount of duct tape – rewarding hack – I’m trying to get the water temp to 25+ degC on avg, sunset walk to Clifton.
  • When was the last time you built something? Designed it, built it, tinkered with it until you were happy? Good fun.
  • Nice read about cargo shorts …then your daughter gets a phone – and her phone also ends up in your cargo shorts all the time – just because it’s practical.
  • Thursday, office, finally managed to open a bank account for Mia (thanks Al), DFA meeting, watched Mia’s hockey and catch up chats with a few of the moms, early supper at W Cafe with Mia – we chatted about staying an artist and making good art, dropped Mia off at her gran’s house, podcast drive to Cape Town, processed some hockey photos, managed to get Python 3.5 and gpiozero running on the Pi – minimal yak shaving involved.
  • One of the moms at hockey asked if I’m seeing anybody and wanted to introduce me to one of her friends. Kinda awkward.
  • Hockey snacks have become: water, nuts, biltong and coconut chips. Deal with it.
  • Friday, Titea, gym, phone chat with Ernst, usual 3 lt of milk stop, office, fetched Mia from school, usual biltong stop, we found Mia the new Harry Potter book (no 8 – she finished reading it in one day), a visit to Netram in Century City – I must really like this farming control system thing to be going to Century City – got some temperature sensors, relays, LEDs etc, sunset promenade walk with Mia, Hussar burger with Mia.
  • I stopped my Apple Music service, was not using it.
  • Hmm. I somehow managed to remain FB friends with all my exes. Random thought.
  • Seems I really love podcasts. The selection of podcasts really exploded since 2014. If you are not listening to podcasts you are really missing out.
  • Humans need to be healthy, strong and creative. Wim Hof idea.
  • Listened to an interesting podcast with Tony Robins on the topic of human resourcefulness. Hacking. Walking through walls.
  • Saturday, robotics class, Communica – found more sensors and a digital pH meter, cocktails and mocktails at the Neighbourgoods market in Woodstock and fresh coconut water from a coconut – Mia loves these – chats about feminism and STEM education – Mia was the only girl in the robotics class, aqp tinkering with Michael – we started building the control system, took an Uber to Cath’s birthday party – lots of pizza and red wine.
  • Sunday, bought some lettuce plants and kale seeds to plant, Sheckters matcha flapjacks and a raw cacao jar (yum!), Mia planted the first plants in the aquaponics farm, Waterfront, I watched Suicide Squad – not bad – while Mia watched Ghostbusters – she really liked it (as much as I can chat STEM education for girls I could not see myself sitting through the remake of Ghostbusters, Willoughbys – Mia seems to operate chop sticks very well these days, gelato, I put 1kg of salt in the dishwasher – who knew dishwashers needed salt?
  • “Live in the future and build what seems interesting.” — PG

  • Tune of the week: Forget about what I said, The Killers
  • Make good art.
  • I still have not opened the big blue metal box.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.