Quick Update


Walk to Clifton
Walk to Clifton
  • Week of 29 August to 5 September.
  • Monday, walked to the office, catch up chat with Michael, I managed to figure out how to add Youtube channels to my RSS feeds, after work promenade walk with Paul – we bumped into Bienne, had moules frites while wearing bibs and drinking Belgium beer at Den Anker with Paul – we restored his iPhone backup… his phone was a bit like The Fly – a mix of two iCloud/iTunes accounts.
  • Maybe don’t keep 6k photos on your phone, kids. I keep less than 50 photos on my phone on average.
  • “Smart. Interesting. Not-cooked. – Pick two.”

  • More hikes, swims and yoga.
  • Tuesday, walked to the office, salmon and wasabi cream cheese bagel at Kleinsky’s with Paul, supplements shopping – I’ve become interested in collagen, aqp farm tinkering with Michael – turns out an RPi does not have a hwclock (pretty obvious in hindsight) – which was making it run my cronjobs at the wrong time and waking me up, processed some notes and photos.
  • Because sleep…

    root@aquapi:~# cat /etc/cron.d/pump
    # Run pump in the day, twice an hour
    # min hour day month weekday
    # Mon to Thu
    */30 7-21 * * 1-4 root /farm/pump.sh
    # Friday
    */30 7-20 * * 5 root /farm/pump.sh
    # Saturday
    */30 8-20 * * 6 root /farm/pump.sh
    # Sunday
    */30 9-20 * * 7 root /farm/pump.sh

  • Happy spring. I’ve been single for a year.
  • Smart Lazy People.
  • Wednesday, office, DASAN meeting, set up two Ubuntu servers for the Octotel automation project – had to figure out how to use Winbox (Mikrotik – yeah, people still use that), catch up chat with Joseph, catch up chat with Eugene, sunset promenade walk, some blogging and an early supper at The Duchess of Wisbeach – very cool little place – snacked on some radishes and had the wagyu burger, phone chat with Mia.
  • Note to self: I should really just get this weekly blogging thing out of the way on a Sunday evening.
  • By now you must at least have about 2k FB friends or you are obviously a loser with this social media thing.
  • We received a legal letter from Telkom, they seem to be unhappy about the Octotel website saying: “Cape Town’s largest Open Access Fibre to the Home Network”. We think it’s true. This should be interesting. Might have to have a bit of a debate about this with an ASA process.
  • Thursday, office, MWEB finally confirmed their timelines for joining our network, catch up chat with Jaap, haircut at Yogi’s, lunch at Sababba, left the office after dark – my inbox was getting unhappy, bought a foam roller, ordered an RPi3 to be delivered at Dan’s office in London (a bit cheaper than ZA price).
  • This week was busy. I don’t usually like to say I’m busy. Inbox was all over the place. Last week Octotel received 35 orders, this week 85.
  • Watch: Love And Self-Love.
  • People are interesting. In the same week I have to listen to a guy who is unhappy that 10Mbps is our entry level line speed (he wanted 4Mbps), and a guy who wants 1000Mbps upload speeds from home.
  • Friday, shrek tea with Korean ginseng (all the way from South Korean – GPON vendor meeting), gym, office, brunch with Pieter, added four more ISPs to the Octotel website, fetched Mia, fetched a bank card in Stellenbosch, we watched Star Trek Beyond / IMAX 3D – good fun – really makes for a good suspension of disbelief experience.
  • Seems I will be moving soon. I think a braai or two is in order soon.
  • Saturday, raw cacao and avo smoothies, took Mia to her robotics class, shrek flapjacks and some 3D maths puzzles, Myog with Michael, swapped the aqp farm drain pipe, transplanted some seedlings into the main growbed – ate some of the salad and micro greens, watched some Youtube videos about using a foam roller for back and neck and experimented – works pretty well, sunset walk to Clifton with Mia, cooked a healthy supper, tinkered with the RPi to make it connect to the home wifi – man, the RPi1 is slow! – good thing a have an RPi3 on its way.
  • Robotics is the new HAM radio.
  • How many pencils would you need to make a 1m cube, fully meshed grid, assuming a pencil is 10cm long? …3630
  • “In a world where all the obvious names are taken, finding a good name is a test of imagination. And the name you choose tells whether or not you passed that test.” — Paul Graham, on startup names and domain names.

  • Get in the habit of writing down, before you go to bed, the top5 things you want to get done the next day.
  • Planned obsolescence.
  • Get a foam roller and a broomstick.
  • Sunday, more RPi1 hacking – managed to get a new wifi driver working – odd bootloader setup, photo and notes processing, Mia finally woke up, raw cacao and coconut cream smoothies, we tinkered with the aqp farm, the longer range wifi works well, Mia watered all the seedlings, we ventured into the city for a burger in a bowl and some ribs at Da Vinci’s, tiramisu, a beach walk from Glen Beach to the end of Camps Bay beach, we watched Guardians of the Galaxy – Mia loved it – cool soundtrack.
  • Fasting week coming up.
  • Tunes of the week: Brandon Flowers, check out the Flamingo Album, listen to Crossfire.
  • Remember, life is a dance.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.