Quick Update

Prodigal sons and wayward daughters…

Camps Bay
Camps Bay
  • Week of 19 to 25 September.
  • Morning hikes and braais.
  • Monday, brief frantic scramble to find Mia’s school uniform, raw cacao, avo and coconut cream smoothie, school run while talking about how the phone network works, breakfast and notes processing at The Spur (I was tired of the gym), a shower at the gym, drove to Cape Town, house viewing, first day in the new office – it’s a lot bigger and a bit quieter, catch up chat with Dan and Martin, left the office fairly late, catch up chat with Michael, a quick podcast promenade walk, Wouter’s famous temperature probe steak and broccoli and some Chilean red wine.
  • “What’s the secret, Max?” Hmm. Building things and chats with Mia. I don’t seem to ever get tired of those.
  • Tuesday, up early, blogging, walked to the office, sunset podcast promenade walk, watched a video on REST API design, macOS Sierra upgrade.
  • “The number one way to eradicate poverty is to educate girls.” — The Tim Ferriss Show: #123: Rainn Wilson

  • Wednesday, up early, shrek tea, gym, cold showers, office, extended sunset promenade walk with Cath, tweaked my new macOS install a bit – zsh config and karabiner was messed up, phone chat with Mia, phone chat with Anton, played with Oh My Zsh.
  • Octotel now has 100 buildings live.
  • Been listening to a lot of a16z podcasts.
  • Thursday, up early, Lions Head walk with Cath, office, Octotel automation project meeting, hacked my zsh config, Myog, dinner with Jonathan and Ian at Village Idiot – chats about telecoms for poor communities.
  • “Capital is abundant, opportunity is scarce.”

  • “Anomalies wanted.”

  • Friday, up before 6:00, Lions Head walk with Cath, walked to the office, Octotel automation project meeting, lunch with Michael, Paul and Philippa (sorry I missed your birthday lunch), a large Myog, made the first beta of the Octotel API live (some nginx tinkering), Braai Day after work drinks on the roof (braai 1), walked home, braai at Jacques’ house (braai 2) – Jacques brought Mia a new Kindle from London.
  • Saturday, up early, Kasteelpoort hike with Cath, Sarie and Nevo, breakfast next to the lake on top of Table Mountain, epic nap (super epic), aqp water tests – NO2 levels are finally low enough to add fish, braai at Fred’s house in Hout Bay (braai 3) – good chats, time well spent, 11h sleep.
  • “Wisdom is always desiring the same things and always refusing the same things.”

  • Lately I’ve been feeling like I actually want to grow up. Maybe 10 years overdue.
  • Sunday, stayed in bed and tinkered with some sysadmin projects till about 13:00, Paul and Hilah fetched some jumper cables, aqp water tests – I think it’s all working well now – NH3 quickly converts to NO3, tinkered with Hammerspoon, early supper and blogging at Posticino, tiramisu, watched The Secret In Their Eyes.
  • Tune of the week: Magdalena, Brandon Flowers.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.