Quick Update

Calm as a Hindu cow…

Clifton 1st
Clifton 1st
  • Week of 26 September to 2 October.
  • Two months till December. November will mark 10 years of blogging for me.
  • Monday, woke up just before 7:06 (when the aquaponics farm pump stops), walked to the office, …when you have to use a VPN to download a podcast – lame corporate thinking firewalls, catch up chat with Caley, Octotel automation project workshop, stayed at the office till well after dark, phone chat with Mia, inbox zero, watched the other half of The Secret In Their Eyes (2009) – good movie.
  • Tuesday, office, Octotel automation meeting, MWEB meeting, Mondiall wagyu burger, watched War Dogs at the Waterfront… very cool movie – that scene where the US military saves them was brilliant.
  • Wednesday, early Lions Head hike with Ian (and 3yo in a backpack), office, Myog, promenade walk, extended phone chat with Jonathan while walking around Sea Point, supper at Jarryds, walked home – 21k steps for the day.
  • Thursday, shrek tea, gym, office, fibre planning meeting, installed PyCharm, catch up chat with Martin, beers with Ian, Jonathan, Joseph and Barry at Village Idiot, published some notes on Ubuntu server tweaks.
  • What if something could be 10kx better?
  • “…what you are good at, what you like and where you can create value + similar people doing good things.” — Sam Altman : How to Build the Future – I guess, for me, that’s just going to involve telecoms in some way, actually the two themes seem to telecoms and education, soon. Finding good people to work with is really hard.

  • “Building railroads vs clipping train tickets.”

  • I seem to have a weakness for dark chocolate Kit Kats.
  • Friday, office, Cool Ideas meeting, a G&T at La Vie with Georg (who is in town for a few days), an extended (12km) sunset promenade walk with Heleen – good chats, pizza at La Vie, a Belvedere vodka Martini at Harvey’s.
  • Saturday, breakfast with Georg in Camps Bay, fetched Mia – we were going to go buy a goldfish, but that never happened, G&Ts, a late afternoon hike, braai.
  • “I live the way I type; fast, with a lot of mistakes.” — interesting chats on Saturday, reminded me of this quote.

  • Pet shops should have a bottomless goldfish deal.
  • Nice read on personality types – yeah, I’m INTP… like Yoda (-:
  • “INTP personalities are so prone to reassessing their own thoughts and theories, worrying that they’ve missed some critical piece of the puzzle, that they can stagnate, lost in an intangible world where their thoughts are never truly applied. Overcoming this self-doubt stands as the greatest challenge INTPs are likely to face.”

  • Interesting, seems Mia is pretty much the opposite of my personality: ESFJ (for now).
  • Mia seems keen to do nippers soon.
  • Sunday, the plan was to go hiking, but two kids were sick, Mia seems to like Wired magazines, protein pancakes in Camps Bay with Mia, Fred’s house, Hout Bay market – dads and daughters outing, beach afternoon – Clifton 1st picnic and sundowners with Georg – perfect weather, time well spent, the cat ripped apart our catnip growing operation, 11h sleep.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.