Quick Update

The Wood Wide Web and thanks for all the braais…

Strand Beach
Strand Beach
  • Week of 10-16 October.
  • This post… is not, that late.
  • Monday, office, lunch with Michael, stayed at the office fairly late, 1kg ribs at The Butcher Shop and Grill with Georg, I switched podcasting apps – I’m now using Pocket Casts – the ads in Overcast were annoying.
  • Listened to this again: Naval Ravikant – The Person I Call Most for Startup Advice.
  • “I’m not a planner.” — Naval

  • “Treat your time as a search function.” — Naval

  • “If you can’t see yourself working with somebody for life then don’t work with them for a day.” — Naval

  • The Day You Became a Better Writer.
  • “Bandwidth you can buy, but latency you get from god.”

  • Tuesday, office, Octotel switch upgrade day at Teraco Newlands – some impressive toys there, a visit to the aquaponics farm at Woodstock Peace Garden with Michael – very cool, La Vie with Georg, Van Hunks with Georg, Al and Hilah.
  • Al, Jacques and I are doing a health challenge soon. Aiming to lose about 60kg of fat between the three us.
  • Wednesday, did not feel well, mostly spent the day in bed, did some reading about SDN, OpenFlow and Open vSwitch, dinner with Georg.
  • “The artist’s job is not to succumb to despair but to find an antidote for the emptiness of existence.” — Woody Allen

  • A see a Nike Apple Watch Series 2 in my future. And now… you can swim with the thing. Whoot. So amazing. A waterproof wrist accessory, for knowing the time, and telling you when you sit still for too long.
  • To be honest, of late, I think I’m feeling a sense of overwhelm. Moving is no fun. Feel like I’m a month behind with email :-/ Meh.
  • The best jobs for your personality type.
  • Thursday, office, lunchtime walk with Heleen to Sababa, Octotel ISP whisky evening, Carlyle’s with Georg and Alex.
  • Make your life an adventure. Make it interesting. Make it funny.
  • “The most complicated skill is to be simple.” — Dejan Stojanovic

  • Funny read about startups.
  • Octotel now has around 135 apartment buildings connected.
  • Friday, office, fetched Mia, a beer with Christopher at Trumpet, a quick catch up with JM at Die Akker, early supper with Al, Wilbur and Mia at Trumpet, nice sunset drive back to Cape Town, loaded about 60 books on Mia’s new (8th gen) Kindle, thanks Jacques.
  • How Being Alone May Be the Key to Rest.
  • Saturday, grapefruit, tea making experiment with a thermometer (2deg warmer if you add the milk before you wait 5min), swimsuit shopping with Mia (she must have tried on about 10 swimming costumes), she bought herself a new cap and goggles, we fetched Jacques from the airport, Charlotte’s 7th birthday party and a braai at Jacques and Marietjie’s house – and a big water slide with lots of bubbles, we watched Back To The Future again.
  • “As ek eendag in regte moeilikheid is, bel tog net vir Wouter Basson.” — Jacques, about health.

  • “Moenie hoë torings bou met mense wat nie jou taal praat nie.” –Jacques, about relationships.

  • “Dr. E. Brown Enterprises, 24hr Scientific Services” — side of the truck in Back to the Future.

  • “I have a rule.” — Jacques, about giving irrational answers.

  • Note to self: read How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life.
  • Sunday, up early, Mia’s nippers qualifying swim at the Strand pool – she was not used to the 50m pool – but accepted the challenge like a trooper, she swam 400m in 8min 14sec (which is under the u14 time), Mia’s first nippers training at Strand Beach – good fun – Mia loved it – she got a minor blue bottle sting, but it sounds like we’re doing lifesaving/nippers on weekends from now on, drove back to Jacques’s – chats about how payment card networks work, braai at Jacques’ house with Petro, Elise and Rossouw (who I had not seen in about 15 years) – nice to have all the cousins at a braai, cocktails and mocktails at La Vie with Mia, Georg and Heleen, Mia and I listened to the Wood Wide Web episode with some dark Toblerone – she loved it – trying to get her into more podcast listening.
  • My new new weakness seems to be dark Toblerone.
  • In other news, my recent DARG (dog) bite scar is not too bad.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.