Quick Update

Nerd day, jock day…

  • Week of 17-23 October.
  • No sense in health weeks when Jacques and Georg are in town.
  • Monday, grapefruit, vitamins, school run listening to The Girl Who Doesn’t Exist – Mia found it very interesting, breakfast photo and notes processing at The Spur – had ~160 notes to process, gym (sauna), podcast drive to Cape Town, office, promenade walk, fetched Cath, TRE workshop with Cath and Tom, catch up chat with Wouter.
  • The TRE session was pretty cool. Check it out. Thanks Lynne.
  • Somehow I joined zatech on Slack.
  • Paul and Hilah broke up, again, for good. Hmm. Sad. With some optimal stopping theory thinking, I suspect she will probably marry the next handsome young man she dates.
  • “Build your tribe.” — Naval. (get a dog)

  • Use Via and HT.
  • Radiolab: Space.
  • Tuesday, woke up early, wrote two blog posts (I was a bit behind), office, vitamin and toothbrush head shopping, podcast promenade walk, dinner with Georg at Ash – very tasty beef burger, Outrage of Modesty (meh), a Negroni at Mothers Ruin, dropped Georg off at Van Hunks, today was my 300th Instagram post.
  • “It’s better to be single than in bad relationship.” — Georg, so simple and so true.

  • Wednesday, office, catch up with Joseph, Martin and Christopher – we mostly chatted about podcasting, interesting telecon about OSEOs, catch up with Michael over lunch, some automation system design, Heavy Chef with Justin Spratt.
  • Thursday, Shrek tea, gym, sauna, office, tinkered with an Intel NUC, lunchtime podcast walk, 17k step promenade walk with Heleen to Clifton and back (see above) – chats about the days personal homepages were cool, sushi at 1890 in Obs with Georg – good value, Van Hunks again.
  • I’m enjoying my new zsh and emacs configs.
  • Friday, office, catch up chat with Paul, fetched Mia (Naulene was not too happy with that for some reason), the usual biltong shopping, drove to Cape Town, pizza with Ian and Kaya at Posticino – we chatted fibre and podcasting for kids, ice cream, Mia and I watched The Internet’s Own Boy – very good movie (thanks Heleen) – watch it! – made me read about YC again.
  • Saturday, nerd day: Mia made raw cacao coconut cream smoothies, robotics course, CTSC (Africa Code Week), wetsuit shopping with Mia – and we found her another swimsuit and pair of goggles, back to the Cape Town Science Centre so Mia could do a Swift Playgrounds workshop while I had sushi with Georg at 1890 again – bye Georg, fetched Mia, nap, braai shopping.
  • Sunday, jock day: Mia did another 400m swim at the Strand pool, nippers at Strand lifesaving club – I took my 200mm lens, catch up chat with Will on the beach, a braai at the clubhouse, a long swim in the waves with the girls, time well spent.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.