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Quick Update

Fondue and lawn bowls…

Gardens Bowling Club
Gardens Bowling Club
  • Week of 21 to 27 November.
  • Health week 4/5. Kinda.
  • Monday, school run, compressed some podcasts and loaded them on headsets, gym, swim, dropped off the headsets, office, late afternoon 20k steps promenade walk with Heleen… chats about meditation, side projects and lossy life, dinner at Maria’s, a drink at Roxy’s.
  • Tuesday, office, lunchtime 1km swim with Heleen at the Sea Point pool – I think I got a bit sunburnt, stayed at the office till after dark, processed some notes and nippers photos, catch up Skype chat with Georg.
  • Turns out they don’t allow any kissing in the Sea Point pool.
  • Georg says he pays more for a Heineken than for a tank of petrol in Bahrain.
  • “Be a force for good.”

  • This no-internet at home thing is becoming painful.
  • My rate of making notes might be getting a bit out of hand.
  • Wednesday, woke up at 4am, interesting lucid dreaming, gym, office, lunchtime walk and Sababa lunch with Heleen, catch up drink with Jonathan at The Village Idiot – chats about his trip to SF, worked a bit at La Vie, watched Italy in a Day, watched (half of) Lars and the Real Girl… good movie.
  • Listened to Anything You Want: 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur by Derek Sivers.
  • Thursday, swim, office, installed the new PyCharm, lunchtime walk with Heleen, Myog, finished watching Lars and the Real Girl, I finally watched High Fidelity again, managed to singe my hair with some fire poi on the beach.
  • “No woman in the history of the world is having better sex, than the sex you are having with Ian… in my head.” — High Fidelity

  • Friday, swim, office, after work beers on the roof, nap, catch up chat with Hilah, fondue night at Gerald and Tom‘s place in Fresnaye with Paul, Wouter, Martin and two air hostesses, watched Taxi Violence at Mercury with Paul and Martin – good fun.
  • “Cape Town is Rome.”

  • “3. Share strong opinions.
    Strong opinions are very useful to others.
    Those who were undecided or ambivalent can just adopt your stance.
    But those who disagree can solidify their stance by arguing against yours.
    Even if you invent an opinion for the sole sake of argument, boldly sharing a strong opinion is very useful to others.”
  • “3. Learn the multiplying skills.
    Speaking, writing, psychology, design, conversation, 2nd language, persuasion, programming, meditation/focus.
    Not pursued on their own, they’re skills that multiply the success of your main pursuit.(A pilot who’s also a great writer and public speaker.)
    (A chef with a mastery of psychology, persuasion, and design.)
    These skills multiply the results of your efforts, and give you an edge over others in your field.”
  • “6. Avoid planning.
    For maximum options, don’t plan at all.
    Since you have no idea how the situation or your mood may change in the future, wait until the last moment to make each decision.”
  • “Eat real food. Nothing with a label.”

  • Possible futures
  • Saturday, bloody mary and grapefruit breakfast, dropped Paul off at his car, lunch at La Vie with Heleen, Janey’s 30th at the Gardens Bowing club – G&Ts, dorky white tennis outfits, Talking Heads and some actual bowling, watched Perfect Strangers at The Labia with Heleen as part of the Italian film festival, bubbly at La Perla with a Neil Diamond soundtrack – have to love La Perla on a warm summers night, time well spent.
  • “Something out of a Wes Anderson movie.” — Claus, about Heleen’s bowling outfit.

  • “If you could design an app about where your ex girlfriend ain’t at.” — Paul

  • No “yes.” Either “HELL YEAH!” or “no.” …treat your life like a search function.
  • Sunday, walked to Clifton 4th to watch the open water swimming, brunch at La Vie with some notes and photo processing, nap, afternoon on Clifton 1st with Heleen, stayed on the beach until dark, time well spent.
  • Tune of the week: Talking Heads – This must be the place

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

The making of a good compilation tape is a very subtle art. Many do’s and don’ts.

Sea Point Pool
Sea Point Pool
  • Week of 14-20 November.
  • Health week 3/5.
  • Monday, office, mid-day swim, office, yoga with Cath at Yoga Life, watched an episode of Black Mirror… not bad.
  • Woke up thinking, this mobility thing really works.
  • “Everybody who’s interesting generally got there by doing some whack shit.” — Wouter, quote of the year goes to Wouter.

  • I’ve been pondering curiosity and discomfort. Humans have become successful because of curiosity and the ability to endure discomfort. Without curiosity we’d be cockroaches.
  • Tuesday, gym, swim, BIA measurements, AfricaCom – chats with Cath about restaurants, SDN/NFV session, lunch conversations about automation software, IFC meeting at The Western, catch up chat with Ben and Ed at The Cullinan, Seacom party at The Grand Beach, bumped into a number of old ISP industry friends, Heleen arrived in a very pretty black dress, fun evening.
  • The making of a great compilation tape.
  • I’ve been making a mix tape. A collection of ear worms and B-sides for Heleen, things that would be cool to discover, things she might like while running.
  • “Treat your time as a search function.” — this really resonates at the moment.

  • I’ve been swimming ever day for the last three weeks.
  • Check out
  • Wednesday, swim, AfricaCom, catch up lunch with Joseph, another SDN session – very few geeks in the SDN/NFV sessions, catch up chat with Heinrich and Joseph, Tasha’s, watched Dr Strange – my first 4DX movie – it was pretty cool – not convinced the strobe light is a good idea though.
  • I published a blog post about my recent TRE session experience.
  • Thursday, swim, office, Michael managed to kill his laptop with a mug of tea, dinner at Galbi in Long Street with Heleen – nice Korean food, kimchi etc, Piano Bar in De Waterkant, many chats about music and movies.
  • Alpha gal likes cats, but we agree that Fantastic Mr Fox is in the top 5 Wes Anderson movies.
  • Friday, shrek tea, arrived at gym to find out it was closed because somebody had died, ended up going to the Sea Point Pavilion swimming pool for a swim – water was a bit nippy, office, fetched Mia, braai at Jacques’, he brought my RPi3 from London.
  • We tested a 1Gbps link for Afrihost this week and managed to get around 940Mbps. Not bad.
  • Saturday, early beach walk… phone chats with Heleen and Cath about podcasts for girls, Mia did robotics while I hacked some mp3 files with Audicity, a swim at the Foreshore VA and some freestyle stroke correction, we watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them at the Waterfront in 4DX… good fun – Mia loved it, gelato, Mondiall burger, sunset beach walk.
  • I made a podcast compilation for Mia and her friends. 5 really cool episodes.
  • Mia randomly asked me to explain 2001 Space Odyssey to her.
  • When curating, less is more.
  • What’s happening with the aquaponics farm? It’s at Michael’s house waiting to be set up again.
  • Sunday, we walked to Clifton 4th, Mia’s first Nippers competition, I played photographer, Mia took part in four events and did very well in the open water swim (4th), afternoon on Clifton 1st with Mia and Heleen, pizza at Posticino, had to dig a thorn out of Mia’s foot, time well spent.
  • I’ve really been embracing my inner nerd recently, less time in bars. “That’s not who I am anymore.” (-:
  • I’ve been pondering lossy life. I used to think things should be lossless. When a task gets created it should get done. People are busy. Things get ignored and lost and sometimes ignoring something is the best way of dealing with it. Like software has freedoms, maybe tasks or todo list items or meeting requests should have freedoms. If the timing is not right and they don’t create the right excitement, maybe they should just get lots, for a while. Hell yes, or no.
  • Tune of the week: Don’t Stop Me Now

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Do things that don’t scale…

Clifton 4th
Clifton 4th
  • Week of 7 to 13 November.
  • Health week 2/5. 2nd week without any coffee.
  • Monday, shrek tea, grapefruit, school run chats with Mia, gym, DevOpsDays Cape Town – pretty cool – chats about Docker and Kubernetes – nice to see Adrian, inbox zero, Clifton 1st – I’m the weirdo with the lifesaving hat btw, some Springfield Chardonnay with Heleen to celebrate her birthday, first sea swim of the season, some Fantastic Mr Fox style J.I.T. flower shopping, Heleen’s birthday party at La Vie – chats about Buchu Rooibos, camping, podcasts and secret health groups, time well spent.
  • I can connect to Wouter’s home Wifi from La Vie.
  • Space trash multiplies
  • Tuesday, swim at the Foreshore VA (only person in the pool – very zen), DevOps Cape Town again, deep tissue Thai massage, vitB shot at Wellness Warehouse, published a blog post about Mobility, sunset beach walk from Glen Beach to the end of Camps Bay beach and back, photo processing.
  • 2010-2016, my average photos (kept) per month seems to be about 300.
  • I think I should write one health blog post per week.
  • The secret health group seems to be doing well… read: guinea pigs (-;
  • Wednesday, morning beach walk and a few stretches on Clifton 2nd, swim, steam bath, cold showers, office, car licence renewal day – fairly painless, found a new swim cap and wet/mesh bag (so I don’t lose swimming gear again) – catch up drink with Anton at Ferryman’s / Waterfront, Cath’s house, a drink at Roxy’s / Dunkley Square with Cath and Anton, super tasty dinner at Maria’s / greek food – epic lamb dish, time well spent.
  • Interesting having dinner with somebody that listens to very similar podcasts… listened to this one?, yes, how about this one?, yes…
  • IM is an interesting creature. For some people you generally quickly read their messages, because they generally send interesting and friendly stuff. Some people you kinda avoid because you fear it will be something you don’t really want to deal with. Keep sending friendly IMs, kids.
  • Dreamers stick together
  • “The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.” — Bertrand Russell, The Triumph of Stupidity

  • Wouter had a cool idea for an AfrikaBurn artwork. We’re starting to put together a camp.
  • Thursday, shrek tea, gym – 80kg squat, 90kg bench, 100kg dead lift, swim, cold showers, office, BIA test – health metrics looking good, catch up chat with Joseph, super windy afternoon, a glass off Chenin with Paul at La Perla, notes processing at Balducci’s with some spicy edamame, warm sake and sashimi, a catch up chat with Ian at Bootleggers.
  • BIA stats looking pretty good: ~6kg transformation so far.
  • Friday, swim, office, launched my new health hacking blog, manicure, beach time, walked up and down the Clifton beaches a few times after 23 hours of fasting, watched The Tiger and the Snow… very amusing – Fantastic Mr Fox meets Woody Allen, in Italian – good ending.
  • 10 years ago, this week, I published my first blog post. 982 posts on this blog. What nerds do on evenings and weekends.
  • I did a ketone test a few hours into my fasting day. Just the basic urine strips nothing very accurate, but I think the 40 hour fast in my ML Hearth Guide is long enough.

    9h: 1 mmol/l
    24h: 2.5 mmol/l
    35h: 5mmol/l

  • What side project(s) are you busy with? You have probably already been working on the thing that will be your next wave. Maybe most people are just waiting for their next wave.
  • Saturday, early beach walk, 1km swim 40hours into a fast, office, catch-up chat with Dan, lunch at La Perla with Michael, Patrik and Oyvind – nice Glen Carlou Chardonnay, picked up some T10, watched Mine Vaganti with some Talisker – very good – like 9/10 – yes, more Italian films, thanks Heleen.
  • G&Ts are much better when you make them yourself, with enough lime.
  • Ketosis swimming, strangely meditative. Try it. (probably about 6mmol/l ketones)
  • Need to plan a Suicide Gorge walk soon.
  • “Change came in disguise of revelation, set his soul on fire.” — from A Dustland Fairytale, love that part.

  • Find Your Soundtrack—And Put it on Repeat
  • I’ve been pondering the idea of mindful eating. Eat slower.
  • Sunday, shrek tea, gym, swim, steam bath, cold showers, walked to Bungalow with Heleen, more Glen Carlou Chardonnay at Camps Bay Retreat – love that place – chats about BBS days, Monkey Island and the importance of curiosity, a drink at La Vie with Nick and a group of girls, bubbly on the beach, time very well spent.
  • 15 Oct 2015, an email about Kayaking.

Happy health hacking, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Carrots are the new popcorn…

Lions Head
Lions Head
  • Week of 31 October to 6 November. Weekly Update number 444.
  • Health sprint week 1/5.
  • Monday, last day in the Bantry Bay house, photo processing, moved some last things to Clifton, office, moved a last load of things, walked back to Bantry Bay to fetch my bicycle, tinkered with an old Xeon machine, bye old house, keto food shopping, sunset cycle to Clifton, notes processing, pretty lame internet at the new place, and with pretty lame I mean intermittent Edge speeds :-/
  • Might be a bit strange that after living somewhere for two years I managed to move in about three hours… including all packing and transport.
  • No packing can compare to end of aB 2016 packing.
  • My watch strap broke… it’s a sign.
  • I discovered SwiftKey iOS App/Keyboard… works well if you sometimes type Afrikaans, which has become more of a thing recently.
  • Tuesday, cycled to gym, swim, cycled to the office, milk, egg protein and chia seeds cocktail, renewed some domain names, Wouter dropped off two desktop machines, left the office fairly late, cycled home, published my Mindful Hedonist’s Health Guide.
  • Wednesday, swim, office, watched Mia’s girls relay gala – she swam in five relay races (all the races for her grade), Mia and I went to go buy her a new electric toothbrush and some pens to mark her swimsuits and wetsuit, dropped Mia off at her mom’s house, podcast drive back to Cape Town, my first visit to the Foreshore Virgin Active – pretty cool – only person in the swimming pool.
  • Details about our November Health Sprint.
  • Driving has become way more painless with podcasts.
  • “What’s wrong? Were you a victim of cyber bullying?” — OH in the office.

  • Thursday, swim, office, swapped Mia’s phone battery, lunch with Abz in Obs, office, installed Ubuntu Server 16.10 and Open vSwitch, inbox zero, left the office around 22:00.
  • “Lazy is just another word for efficient.”

  • Been listening to a lot of Packet Pushers / Priority Queue podcasts.
  • Why We Should Treat Our Partners Like Small Children
  • Friday, gym, swim, office, found a pair of inexpensive goggles, BIA machine visit, LOMAD day, watched Mia’s inter-house relay gala and swam in the parents race – I had to swim twice because we were one parent short – good fun, but we did not win this year, Mia swam in 5 races and also had to swim twice in her medley relay, I managed to buy an AfrikaBurn ticket through all the gala activities, drove to the Waterfront, I had a drink at Sevruga and finished some work while Mia’s choir did a sound check in the amphitheatre, watched Mia’s choir performance and played photographer, tapas at Tashas – Mia liked the place – new default I think, ice cream, we watched War Games – retro cool.
  • I’ve been avoiding coffee as part of my health sprint.
  • “Squats are the key to living well in old age and low orbit.” — ERnst

  • Super Chickens and The Meaning Of Work
  • Saturday, Clifton beach walk – 1st to 4th and back, Mia did her robotics course while I went for a haircut at Redrum Culture Club, breakfast as Suprette, we planned to go swimming at the new Silo District Virgin Active – but they did not allow kids – grrr… lame, braai at Fred’s house in Hout Bay – chats about baby sign language, nap, we finished watching War Games with some chef style baby carrots as popcorn, we watched Simpsons / Blazing Guy again, watched Divergent again – Mia loves that movie.
  • I really suck at this school social thing. I know about three school moms. Pretty much zero dads. Only took me 6 years. Winning.
  • Mia seems to like the aquaponics farm idea more than podcasting.
  • “Ok, so this is happening now.” — Something Paul likes to say.

  • Tune of the week: Sara, Fleetwood Mac.
  • Sunday, Shrek flapjacks at Sheckter’s Raw, fetched Mia’s wetsuit at her mom’s house – we ended up being late for nippers because Naulene decided to look for Mia’s wetsuit at the very last moment, somewhat windy nippers training, Mia and I went shopping for a blender, a water filter, a back massager and some butter, lunch at Melissas and chats about curiosity and taste (and if you can teach these) over some earl grey tea, drove to Cape Town, photo processing, an early supper at Bungalow with Mia, sunset beach walk from Clifton 4th to 1st, Mia watched I Robot with more carrots while I processed some notes.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Go with the decision that will make for a good story…

Befokte Fees - Stellenbosch
Befokte Fees – Stellenbosch
  • Week of 24 to 30 October. Last week living in Bantry Bay.
  • Health week 1/6. More like a warm-up week. The real 5 week challenge starts next week.
  • PSA: I might post annoying volumes of health related links over the next few days.
  • Since we’re going on a health mission, it was time to start a health blog. It’s not pretty (yet), but I’ll dump some more content in there soon: More Life Labs.
  • Monday, office, Audi garage visit, Wellness Warehouse, deep tissue Thai massage at Thai Orchid – painful at times, but very good, a burger in a bowl with Al at Da Vinci’s – chats about keto diets and fat loss missions, processed some photos.
  • Tuesday, Shrek tea, car service day, I bought a Wolfkop ticket, gym – failed attempt at buying Pixies tickets, walked to The Radisson for co-working Tuesdays with Max (the renegade monk) and Heleen, office, fetched my car, sunset podcast walk to Clifton, notes processing.
  • Wednesday, blogging, office, Seacom meeting, a nice long catch up promenade walk with Dave, healthy supper and some notes processing at Tashas with a nice glass of Eikendal Chardonnay, sudden urge to watch High Fidelity again.
  • We need side projects. Thanks Dave.
  • I’m trying to get Paul to start a food blog. Maybe as motivation for me to start a health blog – but, I suspect it’s more that I just want free food and drinks.
  • Killers in the new Fleetwood Mac. I’ve been listening to an unhealthy amount of Brandon Flowers lately.
  • Radical Honesty:

    Finally, I describe to him how I told Julie that I didn’t care to hear the end of her story about fixing her computer. Blanton asks how she responded.
    “She said, ‘Fuck you.’ ”
    “That’s good!” Blanton says. “I like that. That’s communicating.”

  • So, Ben Brown and Casey Neistat both have South Africa significant others?
  • Listening to: Scott Adams: The Man Behind Dilbert
  • “So I made him the director of human resources… like a human resources person, a cat does not really care if you live or die, he just likes playing with you before it happens.” — Scott Adams, about Catbert.

  • “The product is always yourself.” — Scott Adams

  • “Think I’m turning more like the Godzilla in that cartoon too, though gradually.” — Paul, about “Smart, interesting, not-cooked. Pick two.”

  • Been listening to this again: Matt Mullenweg on Polyphasic Sleep, Tequila, and Building Billion-Dollar Companies
  • “Work ethic, taste, integrity, curiosity. The rest you can learn.” —

  • “Drinking is borrowing happiness from tomorrow.” —

  • “The Irish goodbye.” —, about just leaving or passing out without saying anything. I’ve done this more than once.

  • Thursday, office, Octotel automation project meeting, I figured out that I did actually get some Pixies tickets, some Octotel service contract editing, Michael and I packed up our aquaponics farm rather neatly in two crates and put it all in his car, watched the Macbook Pro launch – meh, I finally bought a PyCharm licence, inbox zero!
  • Experts Recommend Breaking Down Crushing Defeats Into Smaller, More Manageable Failures
  • Friday, office, DStv meeting in Century City, catch up Myog with Joseph, after work beers on the roof, nap, some reading about NFV and Xeon chips – happy networking nerd time.
  • “The hardest thing is spending the most time on the most important things.” –, about life.

  • Build things that look like they were designed by happy people.
  • See you at DevOps Cape Town.
  • Saturday, avoided packing, backups, catch-up chat with Dan, fetched Georg’s keys, fetched some cardboard boxes from PnP in Camps Bay, a quick nap, an extended late lunch with Heleen at Mondiall, ice cream, Balducci’s, we watched Cafe Society… good movie, Bascule bar, chats about Point Break and When Harry Met Sally, time well spent.
  • I’ve been popping anti-histamines like it’s going out of fashion.
  • Sunday, breakfast at Jarryd’s with Wouter – the mexican thing again, two hours of packing, moved a load of things to Clifton, drove to Stellenbosch with Wouter, we fetched Paul – who was ready and waiting – this was a first, it might snow this summer, Befokte Fees at Knorhoek wine estate, good fun, I took my 85mm lens and played photographer, Gerald played a nice set, Wouter found an ex of mine on Tinder – perfect match for Wouter *grin*, Francois van Coke played Ek Skyn (Heilig) (see above) – I always liked that song, back to Paul’s house – he still has a collection of playing cards from that Alice in Wonderland Mxit party, picked up a pizza in Sea Point with Wouter, carb meal before a health mission.
  • About this health mission, it’s fairly involved – I’m aiming for a 12kg transformation in 5 weeks (fat lost + muscle gained). We have 8 people in our little secret health society now.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.