Quick Update

Go with the decision that will make for a good story…

Befokte Fees - Stellenbosch
Befokte Fees – Stellenbosch
  • Week of 24 to 30 October. Last week living in Bantry Bay.
  • Health week 1/6. More like a warm-up week. The real 5 week challenge starts next week.
  • PSA: I might post annoying volumes of health related links over the next few days.
  • Since we’re going on a health mission, it was time to start a health blog. It’s not pretty (yet), but I’ll dump some more content in there soon: More Life Labs.
  • Monday, office, Audi garage visit, Wellness Warehouse, deep tissue Thai massage at Thai Orchid – painful at times, but very good, a burger in a bowl with Al at Da Vinci’s – chats about keto diets and fat loss missions, processed some photos.
  • Tuesday, Shrek tea, car service day, I bought a Wolfkop ticket, gym – failed attempt at buying Pixies tickets, walked to The Radisson for co-working Tuesdays with Max (the renegade monk) and Heleen, office, fetched my car, sunset podcast walk to Clifton, notes processing.
  • Wednesday, blogging, office, Seacom meeting, a nice long catch up promenade walk with Dave, healthy supper and some notes processing at Tashas with a nice glass of Eikendal Chardonnay, sudden urge to watch High Fidelity again.
  • We need side projects. Thanks Dave.
  • I’m trying to get Paul to start a food blog. Maybe as motivation for me to start a health blog – but, I suspect it’s more that I just want free food and drinks.
  • Killers in the new Fleetwood Mac. I’ve been listening to an unhealthy amount of Brandon Flowers lately.
  • Radical Honesty:

    Finally, I describe to him how I told Julie that I didn’t care to hear the end of her story about fixing her computer. Blanton asks how she responded.
    “She said, ‘Fuck you.’ ”
    “That’s good!” Blanton says. “I like that. That’s communicating.”

  • So, Ben Brown and Casey Neistat both have South Africa significant others?
  • Listening to: Scott Adams: The Man Behind Dilbert
  • “So I made him the director of human resources… like a human resources person, a cat does not really care if you live or die, he just likes playing with you before it happens.” — Scott Adams, about Catbert.

  • “The product is always yourself.” — Scott Adams

  • “Think I’m turning more like the Godzilla in that cartoon too, though gradually.” — Paul, about “Smart, interesting, not-cooked. Pick two.”

  • Been listening to this again: Matt Mullenweg on Polyphasic Sleep, Tequila, and Building Billion-Dollar Companies
  • “Work ethic, taste, integrity, curiosity. The rest you can learn.” — Ma.tt

  • “Drinking is borrowing happiness from tomorrow.” — Ma.tt

  • “The Irish goodbye.” — Ma.tt, about just leaving or passing out without saying anything. I’ve done this more than once.

  • Thursday, office, Octotel automation project meeting, I figured out that I did actually get some Pixies tickets, some Octotel service contract editing, Michael and I packed up our aquaponics farm rather neatly in two crates and put it all in his car, watched the Macbook Pro launch – meh, I finally bought a PyCharm licence, inbox zero!
  • Experts Recommend Breaking Down Crushing Defeats Into Smaller, More Manageable Failures
  • Friday, office, DStv meeting in Century City, catch up Myog with Joseph, after work beers on the roof, nap, some reading about NFV and Xeon chips – happy networking nerd time.
  • “The hardest thing is spending the most time on the most important things.” –Ma.tt, about life.

  • Build things that look like they were designed by happy people.
  • See you at DevOps Cape Town.
  • Saturday, avoided packing, backups, catch-up chat with Dan, fetched Georg’s keys, fetched some cardboard boxes from PnP in Camps Bay, a quick nap, an extended late lunch with Heleen at Mondiall, ice cream, Balducci’s, we watched Cafe Society… good movie, Bascule bar, chats about Point Break and When Harry Met Sally, time well spent.
  • I’ve been popping anti-histamines like it’s going out of fashion.
  • Sunday, breakfast at Jarryd’s with Wouter – the mexican thing again, two hours of packing, moved a load of things to Clifton, drove to Stellenbosch with Wouter, we fetched Paul – who was ready and waiting – this was a first, it might snow this summer, Befokte Fees at Knorhoek wine estate, good fun, I took my 85mm lens and played photographer, Gerald played a nice set, Wouter found an ex of mine on Tinder – perfect match for Wouter *grin*, Francois van Coke played Ek Skyn (Heilig) (see above) – I always liked that song, back to Paul’s house – he still has a collection of playing cards from that Alice in Wonderland Mxit party, picked up a pizza in Sea Point with Wouter, carb meal before a health mission.
  • About this health mission, it’s fairly involved – I’m aiming for a 12kg transformation in 5 weeks (fat lost + muscle gained). We have 8 people in our little secret health society now.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.