Quick Update

Carrots are the new popcorn…

Lions Head
Lions Head
  • Week of 31 October to 6 November. Weekly Update number 444.
  • Health sprint week 1/5.
  • Monday, last day in the Bantry Bay house, photo processing, moved some last things to Clifton, office, moved a last load of things, walked back to Bantry Bay to fetch my bicycle, tinkered with an old Xeon machine, bye old house, keto food shopping, sunset cycle to Clifton, notes processing, pretty lame internet at the new place, and with pretty lame I mean intermittent Edge speeds :-/
  • Might be a bit strange that after living somewhere for two years I managed to move in about three hours… including all packing and transport.
  • No packing can compare to end of aB 2016 packing.
  • My watch strap broke… it’s a sign.
  • I discovered SwiftKey iOS App/Keyboard… works well if you sometimes type Afrikaans, which has become more of a thing recently.
  • Tuesday, cycled to gym, swim, cycled to the office, milk, egg protein and chia seeds cocktail, renewed some domain names, Wouter dropped off two desktop machines, left the office fairly late, cycled home, published my Mindful Hedonist’s Health Guide.
  • Wednesday, swim, office, watched Mia’s girls relay gala – she swam in five relay races (all the races for her grade), Mia and I went to go buy her a new electric toothbrush and some pens to mark her swimsuits and wetsuit, dropped Mia off at her mom’s house, podcast drive back to Cape Town, my first visit to the Foreshore Virgin Active – pretty cool – only person in the swimming pool.
  • Details about our November Health Sprint.
  • Driving has become way more painless with podcasts.
  • “What’s wrong? Were you a victim of cyber bullying?” — OH in the office.

  • Thursday, swim, office, swapped Mia’s phone battery, lunch with Abz in Obs, office, installed Ubuntu Server 16.10 and Open vSwitch, inbox zero, left the office around 22:00.
  • “Lazy is just another word for efficient.”

  • Been listening to a lot of Packet Pushers / Priority Queue podcasts.
  • Why We Should Treat Our Partners Like Small Children
  • Friday, gym, swim, office, found a pair of inexpensive goggles, BIA machine visit, LOMAD day, watched Mia’s inter-house relay gala and swam in the parents race – I had to swim twice because we were one parent short – good fun, but we did not win this year, Mia swam in 5 races and also had to swim twice in her medley relay, I managed to buy an AfrikaBurn ticket through all the gala activities, drove to the Waterfront, I had a drink at Sevruga and finished some work while Mia’s choir did a sound check in the amphitheatre, watched Mia’s choir performance and played photographer, tapas at Tashas – Mia liked the place – new default I think, ice cream, we watched War Games – retro cool.
  • I’ve been avoiding coffee as part of my health sprint.
  • “Squats are the key to living well in old age and low orbit.” — ERnst

  • Super Chickens and The Meaning Of Work
  • Saturday, Clifton beach walk – 1st to 4th and back, Mia did her robotics course while I went for a haircut at Redrum Culture Club, breakfast as Suprette, we planned to go swimming at the new Silo District Virgin Active – but they did not allow kids – grrr… lame, braai at Fred’s house in Hout Bay – chats about baby sign language, nap, we finished watching War Games with some chef style baby carrots as popcorn, we watched Simpsons / Blazing Guy again, watched Divergent again – Mia loves that movie.
  • I really suck at this school social thing. I know about three school moms. Pretty much zero dads. Only took me 6 years. Winning.
  • Mia seems to like the aquaponics farm idea more than podcasting.
  • “Ok, so this is happening now.” — Something Paul likes to say.

  • Tune of the week: Sara, Fleetwood Mac.
  • Sunday, Shrek flapjacks at Sheckter’s Raw, fetched Mia’s wetsuit at her mom’s house – we ended up being late for nippers because Naulene decided to look for Mia’s wetsuit at the very last moment, somewhat windy nippers training, Mia and I went shopping for a blender, a water filter, a back massager and some butter, lunch at Melissas and chats about curiosity and taste (and if you can teach these) over some earl grey tea, drove to Cape Town, photo processing, an early supper at Bungalow with Mia, sunset beach walk from Clifton 4th to 1st, Mia watched I Robot with more carrots while I processed some notes.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.