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Do things that don’t scale…

Clifton 4th
Clifton 4th
  • Week of 7 to 13 November.
  • Health week 2/5. 2nd week without any coffee.
  • Monday, shrek tea, grapefruit, school run chats with Mia, gym, DevOpsDays Cape Town – pretty cool – chats about Docker and Kubernetes – nice to see Adrian, inbox zero, Clifton 1st – I’m the weirdo with the lifesaving hat btw, some Springfield Chardonnay with Heleen to celebrate her birthday, first sea swim of the season, some Fantastic Mr Fox style J.I.T. flower shopping, Heleen’s birthday party at La Vie – chats about Buchu Rooibos, camping, podcasts and secret health groups, time well spent.
  • I can connect to Wouter’s home Wifi from La Vie.
  • Space trash multiplies
  • Tuesday, swim at the Foreshore VA (only person in the pool – very zen), DevOps Cape Town again, deep tissue Thai massage, vitB shot at Wellness Warehouse, published a blog post about Mobility, sunset beach walk from Glen Beach to the end of Camps Bay beach and back, photo processing.
  • 2010-2016, my average photos (kept) per month seems to be about 300.
  • I think I should write one health blog post per week.
  • The secret health group seems to be doing well… read: guinea pigs (-;
  • Wednesday, morning beach walk and a few stretches on Clifton 2nd, swim, steam bath, cold showers, office, car licence renewal day – fairly painless, found a new swim cap and wet/mesh bag (so I don’t lose swimming gear again) – catch up drink with Anton at Ferryman’s / Waterfront, Cath’s house, a drink at Roxy’s / Dunkley Square with Cath and Anton, super tasty dinner at Maria’s / greek food – epic lamb dish, time well spent.
  • Interesting having dinner with somebody that listens to very similar podcasts… listened to this one?, yes, how about this one?, yes…
  • IM is an interesting creature. For some people you generally quickly read their messages, because they generally send interesting and friendly stuff. Some people you kinda avoid because you fear it will be something you don’t really want to deal with. Keep sending friendly IMs, kids.
  • Dreamers stick together
  • “The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.” — Bertrand Russell, The Triumph of Stupidity

  • Wouter had a cool idea for an AfrikaBurn artwork. We’re starting to put together a camp.
  • Thursday, shrek tea, gym – 80kg squat, 90kg bench, 100kg dead lift, swim, cold showers, office, BIA test – health metrics looking good, catch up chat with Joseph, super windy afternoon, a glass off Chenin with Paul at La Perla, notes processing at Balducci’s with some spicy edamame, warm sake and sashimi, a catch up chat with Ian at Bootleggers.
  • BIA stats looking pretty good: ~6kg transformation so far.
  • Friday, swim, office, launched my new health hacking blog, manicure, beach time, walked up and down the Clifton beaches a few times after 23 hours of fasting, watched The Tiger and the Snow… very amusing – Fantastic Mr Fox meets Woody Allen, in Italian – good ending.
  • 10 years ago, this week, I published my first blog post. 982 posts on this blog. What nerds do on evenings and weekends.
  • I did a ketone test a few hours into my fasting day. Just the basic urine strips nothing very accurate, but I think the 40 hour fast in my ML Hearth Guide is long enough.

    9h: 1 mmol/l
    24h: 2.5 mmol/l
    35h: 5mmol/l

  • What side project(s) are you busy with? You have probably already been working on the thing that will be your next wave. Maybe most people are just waiting for their next wave.
  • Saturday, early beach walk, 1km swim 40hours into a fast, office, catch-up chat with Dan, lunch at La Perla with Michael, Patrik and Oyvind – nice Glen Carlou Chardonnay, picked up some T10, watched Mine Vaganti with some Talisker – very good – like 9/10 – yes, more Italian films, thanks Heleen.
  • G&Ts are much better when you make them yourself, with enough lime.
  • Ketosis swimming, strangely meditative. Try it. (probably about 6mmol/l ketones)
  • Need to plan a Suicide Gorge walk soon.
  • “Change came in disguise of revelation, set his soul on fire.” — from A Dustland Fairytale, love that part.

  • Find Your Soundtrack—And Put it on Repeat
  • I’ve been pondering the idea of mindful eating. Eat slower.
  • Sunday, shrek tea, gym, swim, steam bath, cold showers, walked to Bungalow with Heleen, more Glen Carlou Chardonnay at Camps Bay Retreat – love that place – chats about BBS days, Monkey Island and the importance of curiosity, a drink at La Vie with Nick and a group of girls, bubbly on the beach, time very well spent.
  • 15 Oct 2015, an email about Kayaking.

Happy health hacking, crazy kids.