Quick Update

Fondue and lawn bowls…

Gardens Bowling Club
Gardens Bowling Club
  • Week of 21 to 27 November.
  • Health week 4/5. Kinda.
  • Monday, school run, compressed some podcasts and loaded them on headsets, gym, swim, dropped off the headsets, office, late afternoon 20k steps promenade walk with Heleen… chats about meditation, side projects and lossy life, dinner at Maria’s, a drink at Roxy’s.
  • Tuesday, office, lunchtime 1km swim with Heleen at the Sea Point pool – I think I got a bit sunburnt, stayed at the office till after dark, processed some notes and nippers photos, catch up Skype chat with Georg.
  • Turns out they don’t allow any kissing in the Sea Point pool.
  • Georg says he pays more for a Heineken than for a tank of petrol in Bahrain.
  • “Be a force for good.”

  • This no-internet at home thing is becoming painful.
  • My rate of making notes might be getting a bit out of hand.
  • Wednesday, woke up at 4am, interesting lucid dreaming, gym, office, lunchtime walk and Sababa lunch with Heleen, catch up drink with Jonathan at The Village Idiot – chats about his trip to SF, worked a bit at La Vie, watched Italy in a Day, watched (half of) Lars and the Real Girl… good movie.
  • Listened to Anything You Want: 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur by Derek Sivers.
  • Thursday, swim, office, installed the new PyCharm, lunchtime walk with Heleen, Myog, finished watching Lars and the Real Girl, I finally watched High Fidelity again, managed to singe my hair with some fire poi on the beach.
  • “No woman in the history of the world is having better sex, than the sex you are having with Ian… in my head.” — High Fidelity

  • Friday, swim, office, after work beers on the roof, nap, catch up chat with Hilah, fondue night at Gerald and Tom‘s place in Fresnaye with Paul, Wouter, Martin and two air hostesses, watched Taxi Violence at Mercury with Paul and Martin – good fun.
  • “Cape Town is Rome.”

  • “3. Share strong opinions.
    Strong opinions are very useful to others.
    Those who were undecided or ambivalent can just adopt your stance.
    But those who disagree can solidify their stance by arguing against yours.
    Even if you invent an opinion for the sole sake of argument, boldly sharing a strong opinion is very useful to others.”
  • “3. Learn the multiplying skills.
    Speaking, writing, psychology, design, conversation, 2nd language, persuasion, programming, meditation/focus.
    Not pursued on their own, they’re skills that multiply the success of your main pursuit.(A pilot who’s also a great writer and public speaker.)
    (A chef with a mastery of psychology, persuasion, and design.)
    These skills multiply the results of your efforts, and give you an edge over others in your field.”
  • “6. Avoid planning.
    For maximum options, don’t plan at all.
    Since you have no idea how the situation or your mood may change in the future, wait until the last moment to make each decision.”
  • “Eat real food. Nothing with a label.”

  • Possible futures
  • Saturday, bloody mary and grapefruit breakfast, dropped Paul off at his car, lunch at La Vie with Heleen, Janey’s 30th at the Gardens Bowing club – G&Ts, dorky white tennis outfits, Talking Heads and some actual bowling, watched Perfect Strangers at The Labia with Heleen as part of the Italian film festival, bubbly at La Perla with a Neil Diamond soundtrack – have to love La Perla on a warm summers night, time well spent.
  • “Something out of a Wes Anderson movie.” — Claus, about Heleen’s bowling outfit.

  • “If you could design an app about where your ex girlfriend ain’t at.” — Paul

  • No “yes.” Either “HELL YEAH!” or “no.” …treat your life like a search function.
  • Sunday, walked to Clifton 4th to watch the open water swimming, brunch at La Vie with some notes and photo processing, nap, afternoon on Clifton 1st with Heleen, stayed on the beach until dark, time well spent.
  • Tune of the week: Talking Heads – This must be the place

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. I like #3, sharing strong opinions. True that they have far more impact on your thinking than the usual “yes that’s nice” feedback (although positive reinforcement has its own role).

    I would edit #6, avoid planning. There are certain experiences that are *only* available to you if they have been planned, either by you or by someone else with gumption & initiative. You probably aren’t going to walk the Fish River canyon unless you put that shit together.

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