Quick Update

Pringle Bay and my 10th Suicide Gorge adventure…

Pringle Bay
  • Week of 26 December to 1 January. First post of 2017.
  • Monday, Jacques made his special Spanish omelette dish, listened to some Wham!, chocolate and wine pairing at Durbanville Hills with Mia, Charlotte, Georg, Marietjie and Jacques, epic nap, Spur burgers and Dom Pedros.
  • Willpower is not enough.
  • Jacques gained 20kg in one year, after getting married. Impressive.
  • Jacques’ chocolate Labrador is very cute… Nesquik.
  • I’ve been hanging out with Walter from The Big Lebowski. He keeps saying he wants to buy me a Desert Eagle. I keep saying I think “Natural Selection” beats “Selective Breeding” when it comes to dogs. The 3rd World Dog is a super hero.
  • “Sy blog is ‘n favourite met die aliens wat in-tap op ons internet.” — Jacques, about my blog.

  • “I’m going to need at least three of those Barbie sized wines.” — Paul, about air travel and wine and rough mornings.

  • Tuesday, Cape Town day with Georg, Van Hunks with Al and Elsa, pancake night at Jacques’.
  • Wednesday, watched a bit of Zootopia again – great movie, shopping with Jacques – found some new hiking shoes and a hat, drove to Pringle Bay, a beer with Anton, sunset beach walk.
  • Spent a lot of time on a deck of a beach house this week, looking out over the sea. Pringle Bay is cool. I think it was good for Mia to just be a child for a while – no school or sport pressures.
  • “Niemand kan meer as Joe slaap nie.” — Jacques

  • Thursday, up at 5:00, my 10th Suicide Gorge walk, fetched Anton in Bettys, started walking at around 8:00 with Anton, Tom, Matt, Alex and Anton’s cousins, epic day – but I forgot to take a camera, we finished in record time – turns out I still fit in a wetsuit I bought 10 years ago, one of our quicker hikes 8:00-15:00, a springbok pie and a cider at Peregrine Farm Stall – a post-hike tradition, a beer at De Wetsbaai, braai in Pringle, watched some of Batman Begins with Mia, time well spent.
  • My first Suicide Gorge hike was in 2006. Thanks for organising then, Anton! Note to self: write a blog post about ten yours of Suicide Gorge adventures soon.
  • Friday, beach outing and body surfing with Mia till mid-day, wine tour around the Elgin valley with Mia and Georg – Iona, Oneiric and Graham Fox, Kleinmond watermelon shopping, sunset beach walk with Mia – chats about why boredom is good, braai, drinks with Madeleine, Diane and Albrecht.
  • My cocktail of Magnesium, Colagen and Glutamine seems to work well for being stiff after a long day of hiking and kloofing.
  • Pro tip: avoid iMessage in areas with bad GSM signal.
  • Saturday, last day of 2016, lazy day, vodka tonics on the deck with Georg, nap, extended late afternoon swims with the kids, NYE crayfish braai with Rossouw, Elise, Marius, Georg, Jacques, Marietjie, Niel, Charlotte and Mia – Neil Diamond soundtrack and watermelon, I somehow did not make it to 0:00, 11h sleep.
  • iTunes killed the mix tape.
  • RIP Leia.
  • Sunday, super chilled day, had some Charles Fox MCC to celebrate the new year, photo processing with an Above and Beyond soundtrack and Chardonnay with Georg, listened to some Stevie Nicks, nap, Georg made a roast leg of lamb.
  • Have a super 2017!

Happy new year, crazy kids.