Quick Update

Dry needling and a sea rescue…

Pringle Bay
  • Week of 2-8 January. Last week of the holidays.
  • Monday, extended beach walk with Mia and Charlotte, made omelettes with the girls, sea swims, browsed the sad world of DStv – 400 channels of lame, more sea swims, braai, we all took a walk to the beach to go see the green fluorescent bacteria in the shallow water and on the sand.
  • Tuesday, notes and photo processing, watched Jupiter Rising – not bad, a walk around the Harold Porter Gardens, hake and calamari at the Kleinmond Harbour, nap, watched Tomorrowland – pretty good, braai – great braai broodjies.
  • “WWIJD: What would Indiana Jones do?” — Jacques, on relationship advice.

  • “Designed to find dreamers.” — Tomorrowland

  • Wednesday, managed to publish a blog post with Edge internet speeds, afternoon swim and rugby ball kicking into the waves while the girls and the dogs fetched the balls, braai – moar great braai broodjies, thanks Georg!
  • Thursday, packed up and left Pringle Bay – so long holiday house – it was an awesome few days, a quick car wash, lunch at Jacques’, a salad at La Vie with Heleen.
  • What is the opposite of AfrikaBurn? Must be a cruise ship holiday. ERnst is missing the burn it seems.
  • Friday, swim, quick catch up with Heleen at Strolla, my first dry needling session at Sparc, a beer with Georg at Van Hunks, VitB shot, a beer with Paul at Up Yours – after waiting about 90 minutes – being bored is good right?, some wine on the lawn at Nadia and Micah’s house in Sea Point, Posticino pizza.
  • The dry needling worked really well for my neck – a delayed xmas gift from me to me.
  • Saturday, a swim at Clifton 1st with Jacques – his new favourite beach for the dogs, fetched Heleen after her morning run, Granger Bay OZCF market, a salad at Hemelhuijs and an interesting cucumber juice and gin cocktail, The Creamery, nap, Clifton 3rd with Heleen, Nick, Michel and Nadia, minor sea rescue emergency involving a SUP and inflatables, curry and coconut naan at Kushi in Sea Point with Heleen, watched a bit of Snowden, time well spent.
  • Do you think the girls are okay? … “Yeah, the best thing about these Afrikaans girls is that they can look after themselves.” — Nick, around about the time the three girls were being rescued by the Clifton lifeguards because they were being blown deep into the ocean by a strong wind.

  • I’ve been using Mutt for about 20 years now… the email client.
  • Sunday, built some Lego with Heleen, we did an awesome little hike from the top of Fresnaye around the sea side of Lions Head, Matcha lattes and brunch at The Charles Cafe in De Waterkant with Heleen, nap, photo processing and backups, a swim and a Campari on Little Beta Beach with Heleen and Roxy, Posticino pizza, watched the first half of About Time again.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.