10 Years of Suicide Gorge

I did my first Suicide Gorge hike in 2006 and I recently did my 10th hike in 2016, so to celebrate I figured I’d go dig up some old photos and share them.

Suicide Gorge is an epic adventure. Probably the best, and most fun, day-outing around Cape Town. Very beautiful. I’m very happy, and somewhat surprised, that in all our hikes nobody got hurt.

It’s become a bit of a yearly institution. Thanks Anton!

I could only find photos for 8 of the hikes – the earlier ones were before convenient waterproof cameras. Here you go…

#1 2006 February 19th

This was the first one. Good fun, but we managed to get a bit lost early on.

#2 2007’ish

Can’t find photos for this one, but I think it involved Anton getting his bakkie keys wet, getting a lift to Stellenbosch and then going all the way back to fetch the bakkie after dark.

#3 2008 January’ish

I can only find a blog post about this one.

#4 2008 March 29th

Team Amobia

This was one of the longer hikes with the Amobia guys. I had to leave a bit early, but they only left after dark.

#5 2008 December 16th

Tour Guide

At some point people randomly contacted me after they found a blog post about the hike, so I agreed to play tour guide and take some of my friends along.

#6 2009 January 24th

Parking Area

Not sure who organised this one.

#7 2010 December 12th


This was the only one where people turned back after starting the jumps.

#8 2012 December 21st

Zen frog

This was Frans’ first one.

#9 2014 November 22nd

ERnst Bachelors
Bottom of the kloof

Great fun for a pre-bachelor party hike, if you can keep your eyes open later.

#10 2016


Number 10, probably the quickest finish of the lot.