Quick Update

I moved to Stellenbosch, again…

Sea Point Promenade
  • Week of 30 January to 5 February.
  • Health week 0: warm-up week. No alcohol, carbs, coffee or dairy.
  • PSA: I’m living in Stellenbosch again. I’m taking a three year view on being closer to Mia’s school. Life has been a bit disorganised the last few years. I blame Paul Carr.
  • Monday, woke up in Stellenbosch, podcast drive to Cape Town, office, lunch with Paul and Heleen, sunset promenade walk with Paul, very tasty Mexican food at El Burro.
  • I spent a week living in De Zalze. Very cool. Thanks Al.
  • Tuesday, podcast drive to an MWEB meeting, office, smoothie with Heleen, moved all my stuff from storage to Stellenbosch, sunset walk through the vineyards watching some small planes come to land at the Stellenbosch airstrip.
  • Moving is stressful.
  • Install the True Caller app. Works really well for avoiding spam calls.
  • I’ve been having a bit of a Twitter chat with Discovery about moving their Sea Point BIA machine. No joy.
  • Wednesday, some more packing, lunch with Heleen at the Woodstock Exchange, office – stayed late, Waterfront, healthy supper at Tasha’s, podcast drive to Stellenbosch.
  • My podcast listening app, Pocket Casts, says I’ve listened to 3 days and 23 hours of podcasts since 10 October.
  • I listened to around 30 podcasts this week, but skipped through a few, backlog was getting a bit much.
  • Good read: “Meditation, intermittent fasting, heavy compound joint and hip-hinge training, intense interval training, body work, supplements, drugs, introspection, sleep, hygiene. These are my hacks.” — How you move defines how you live

  • Thursday, woke up in the new apartment, paleo breakfast for lunch at W Cafe, my first BIA machine visit in Stellenbosch, car wash while processing a few notes and photos – car really needed it after Wolfkop and Up The Creek, gym, swim, took a sunset podcast walk around Stellenbosch.
  • Pillow app is pretty cool for sleep tracking on the Apple Watch. I also tracked Mia’s sleep. Interesting stats.
  • Good listen: Packet Pushers: Future Of Networking – Geoff Huston Returns
  • Friday, up at 4:45, podcast drive to Cape Town, gym, swim, steam bath, cold shower, scrambled eggs at New Port with Heleen, office, dev meeting, BIA machine visit, fetched Mia, watched Mia do long jump at some athletics thing – super boring, gelato with Mia, swim, the kind people at Thule Stellenbosch replaced my laptop and phone covers, almost had ribs at Flame and Ash (not sure about the name), but walked out because the music was terrible and some muppets outside insisted on smoking, very tasty dinner at Manouche with Mia and Al, nice catch-up with Al.
  • Mia started piano lessons this week.
  • Georg is off to South America for a holiday soon. Well, he was, and then he stayed, it seems. And then he changed his mind again, and he’s going.
  • Saturday, did some general house unpacking with Mia, paleo ice cream from Cold Gold for breakfast, Slow Food Market Stellenbosch – mostly navigated coffin dodgers and bumped into Wynand and Maia, attempted to get a new bank card for Mia, but the bank closed at 11AM?, we shopped gifts for my mom and Jacques – I’m trying to get Jacques to stop buying prepper gear and get into something useful – like camping, Root44 market with Paul – bubbly and cover-band tunes, Peter Falke wine tasting, I figured out how to buy electricity – joy, watched Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children with Mia – she seems to really like that movie.
  • I’ve trained her well, but she can’t handle the 99% dark chocolate.
  • Sunday, watched Mia’s nippers training and walked up and down the beach a few times, family braai at Jacques’, sunset walk up to the chain bridge in Stellenbosch with Mia, love that walk, time well spent.
  • Please don’t send me voice notes in messaging apps.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.