Quick Update

When Instagram was cool, Valentines day and Lebowski bathrobes…

Queens Beach
  • Week of 13 to 19 February.
  • Health week 2/3, mostly.
  • This is the 1000th post on this blog.
  • Monday, woke up at Paul’s house, 2am drive home with a Fleetwoord Mac soundtrack – took me about 10min, sleep, podcast drive to Cape Town, office, late afternoon smoothie walk with Heleen, sunset promenade walk with Paul.
  • I’ve been pondering minimalism. Maybe because I have a whole lot of random things to unpack.
  • Tuesday, up early, gym, swim, steam bath, cold showers, office, lunchtime smoothie walk with Heleen, after work drink at Strolla with Heleen – kinda failed valentines day thing, Facetime chat with Jacques in London – I’m trying to convince him to bring me some Brain Octane, podcast drive to Stellenbosch, phone chat with Cath, finally cleared my blogging backlog, joy.
  • My Valentines Day adventure goes something like this: it’s been a bit of a stressful time with the Heleen relationship, so on Tuesday afternoon we go for a lunchtime walk and she agrees to an after work drink – this, after she avoided making any plans related to Valentines Day for more than a week, we go to Strolla – returned to the scene of the crime… where we first met, we scroll through some early text message conversations, cute, I though it was rather romantic, and then, after one drink… she tells me she needs to leave to go meet some friends. Hmmm. Not the way I thought it would play out. Turns out she never met up with her friends. Rather messed up. Thinking back, Valentines days have never really worked out, mostly a waste of time.
  • AfrikaBurn planning has begun. We’re planning on making some Big Lebowski bathrobes. The Little Lebowski Urban Underachievers 2017.
  • I deleted the Facebook app from my phone a while back. Not missing it. I deleted Instagram today. It has become lame and too much like Snapchat. I’m into photography, not bullshit.
  • I’d really recommend you delete all the time sucking apps off your phone.
  • Wednesday, gym, swim, work, figured I needed a new hairstyle – going back to short hair, fetched Mia, fresh juices and homework at W Cafe, watched Mia’s swimming training, we shared a 500g rump steak at Hussar Grill – works out to be good value, gelato, in bed early.
  • I have not listened to any Tim Ferriss podcasts in ages – I’m about 23 behind.
  • I tracked Mia’s sleep again. I’m starting to think sleep trackers – even with HR – can’t really tell which phase of sleep you are in, even though the graphs are pretty.
  • Thursday, school run while listening to some Bulletproof radio, worked at W Cafe, gym, swim, podcast drive to the office, meeting with Vanilla, lunchtime walk with Heleen, installed 500px, sunset promenade walk, Tashas.
  • I’ve started using 500px. It seems pretty cool. Still browsing Instagram on the web.
  • Please don’t launch a fintech startup. Yup.
  • “In the end, success is sleeping well.”

  • “Track what you hack.”

  • Friday, work, gym, healthy snacks shopping, watched Mia’s school gala, she won 6 of her races and was 2nd in the breast stroke, she won two trophies (junior victrix ludorum and the individual medley trophy) – fun afternoon, pizza supper at Pizza e Vino – lame, good tiramisu at De Cameron.
  • Pro tip: never go to a pizza place which has “medium” and “large” pizzas on the menu.
  • Saturday, dropped Mia off a Zara’s birthday party, gym, followed Mia and friends up to a dam for a swim, conveyor belt sushi and photo processing, watched The Lego Batman Movie with Mia – good fun, we printed a photo from the gala for Zara, I installed Pocket Casts on Mia’s phone, gala photo processing, watched Zombieland again – always cool, 11h sleep.
  • Rule #32: Enjoy the little things.
  • Note to self: watch Cocktail and Jerry Maguire again.
  • “Anything can be interesting.”

  • “Batman out.”

  • Sunday, Mia’s nippers competition was cancelled because of bad weather – we kinda considered swimming the insert-big-insurance-company-brand–mile in Grabouw, but Mia was not interested, backups, downloaded some podcasts for Mia – 99pi (x10), Radiolab, TED Radio Hour – a late brunch at Basic Bistro, found Mia a new swimsuit, swim, steam bath, some notes processing and blogging at Middelvlei (my closest wine farm) while doing a wine tasting and while Mia watched Dark City (she gave it a 7/10) – always liked their Shiraz, we watched Hunt for the Wilderpeople, in bed early, time well spent.
  • Just because it’s newer, does not make it better.
  • Jacques and I have been following Georg’s South American travels via Telegram.
  • Tunes of the week: I Can’t Stay. Deadlines and Commitments. This River Is Wild (Mia discovered this one).

Have a fun week, crazy kids.