Quick Update

Woordfees, Street Soiree, bone marrow and Chardonnay…

  • Week of 6-12 March.
  • Monday, school run, catch up chat with Dirk at Stellenbosch Square, gym, podcast drive to the office, a salad at Sumo, VitB shot, supplement shopping like a gym nerd, stayed in the office fairly late, lifesaving photo processing.
  • Tuesday, gym, office, stayed at the office till well after it was dark, weekly blogging, found a note on my car windscreen.
  • I ran out of podcasts to listen to. Eek. Found a good show: Recode Decode.
  • Wednesday, Headspace meditation, work, gym, work, ginger shot and a chat with Dirk – I think we can all agree that meeting at the gym is distracting, Stellenbosch Street Soiree with Paul and Hanno – good fun – not too busy – nice weather, a burger at Steam (5 Ryneveld) – urgh, this whole “steampunk” thing is super lame, but the food was nice.
  • Thursday, up at 4:00, podcast drive to gym, office, installed a dating app and deleted it again the next day, found some new slops – walked right through the previous pair, sunset promenade walk.
  • Friday, podcast drive to gym, office, dev meeting, late afternoon visit to Dirk’s house, aKing Woordfees show with Paul, Al, Margot, Laudo, Dawid and Gelika, Balboa, ended up at Al’s house with Paul and Elmi.
  • Safe as Houses – great song.
  • Seems Paul has some history with aKing romance lyrics.
  • I suspect not having WhatsApp is some form of modern contraceptive.
  • Saturday, lunch at Eikendal with Paul, the bone marrow and snails starter with their Chardonnay was awesome, a nap turned into a 16 hour sleep.
  • Hmmm. Did I mention the bone marrow and Chardonnay combo.
  • You should make broccoli sprouts.
  • Sunday, watched The Legend of Kaspar Hauser – rather strange movie, lunch at Trumpet, nap, watched The Blues Brothers – one of those movies that’s really hard to believe that I had not seen it yet, took a walk up to the chain bridge, caught the last Woordfees show at Bloekomhoek with some of Gelika’s tasty lamb tacos, some photo processing and blogging while listening to a mix of Woordfees acts with a Newlands Spring Mountain Weiss, watched Blue Valentine – intense and sad.
  • Tune of the week: Vitalic – Poison Lips
  • I found a desktop app which lets me post Instagram photos. Now I can use Instagram again. I have not posted anything in about 3 weeks. Check out Flume. 500px was amusing for a while, but it’s not very social.
  • Best Sunday music: You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go – Madeleine Peyroux

Have a fun week, crazy kids.