Quick Update

IMAX, Al Baire and a few birthday parties…

  • Week of 27 March to 2 April.
  • Monday, up early, podcast drive to the Silo VA, gym, swim, office, catch-up with Tammy.
  • Worth watching again: Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford Commencement Address
  • “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” — Steve Jobs

  • PRADA presents “CASTELLO CAVALCANTI” by Wes Anderson
  • Listen to Reply All. Cool podcast.
  • “Courage is more important than confidence.”

  • Tuesday, up early, gym, cat typing, swim – I’ve been swimming more breaststroke recently, office, OS upgrade day for watch, phone and laptop, after work promenade walk, some notes processing at gym, late night swim, spa pool, steam bath etc.
  • “The LD50 for sugar for a rat is about 30gr/kg. So if you’re a human, who weighs 75kg, eating 2.2kg of sugar would kill you in 50% of the cases.”

  • “Continually divide your moment-to-moment concerns into two bins: the things you can control, and the things you can’t. Whenever you feel any sort of anger, desire or aversion, you look at the situation in terms of those two bins.” — The Only Thing You Need to Get Good At

  • I discovered the How to Start a Startup series in podcast form. Much easier than watching all the videos.
  • Wednesday, Headspace Level 3, work, brunch at Ya-Ya, catch up chat with Dan, fetched Mia and took her to a 5 hour hockey festival, more work and tinkering and a bit of photography while she played, supper with Al at Trumpet Tree – Mia pretty much inhaled a rack of ribs, gelato.
  • Watching some of Mia’s hockey – I honestly can’t remember a time we lost a junior school rugby game – and I’m sure we lost a few – which kinda proves that over time we only keep our good memories. I really have a bias for remembering things in a happy way… just wait a year and everything was a fun adventure.
  • Listen to: What It Takes, start with the George Lucas one.
  • Thursday, I woke Mia up with the Headspace Wake Up meditation for kids – she was not impressed, school run, work, coffee with Hannes, gym, office, networking workshop, promenade walk, gym – catch-up chat with Hilah.
  • How was your commute today, in the golden era when humans were allowed to drive?
  • Friday, Mia’s birthday, up early, podcast drive to the Silo gym, swim, nice catch-up chat with Tyler at gym – chats about time, teams, doing things for others, wearing the same uniform to work, health hacking and AirPods, office, dev meeting, fetched Mia – beginning of the school holidays, lunch at Vergelegen – always nice, went to go try out theatre mode in the new WatchOS by watching Ghost in the Shell IMAX-3D with Mia and Jacques – rad movie for IMAX – always liked Scarlett Johansson, pancakes and Star Wars XBox games at Jacques’s house.
  • AirPods look very cool.
  • Millionaire who operates 10 businesses while sailing around the world.
  • Saturday, chilled morning, usual brunch at Ya-Ya with Mia, wine tasting at Villiera with Paul an Janine, family braai at Jacques’ with cake and candles for Mia’s birthday.
  • Sunday, Mia watched some Simpsons including Cape Feare, ladies of leisure brunch at Melissas with Mia – the banana bread with honey mascarpone was pretty spectacular – Mia did her usual complaining about daily vitamins, swim, steam bath, picnic shopping, we watched Al Baire’s very last show at the last Kirstenbosch Summer Concert of the season – Mia’s other bday party with friends and parents from school, great fun, it was packed and Al Baire really put on a great show, time well spent!
  • “A-students work for C-students and B-students work for government. To be an A student you need to just memorize what the correct answer will be. C students are the dreamers like Albert Einstein, whose elementary school teachers thought that he was a foolish dreamer.”

  • Tune of the week: Al Bairre – We Move On

Have a fun week, crazy kids.