Quick Update

AfrikaBurn 2017…

AfrikaBurn 2017
  • Week of 24-30 April… my 6th AfrikaBurn, 5th with Paul.
  • Monday, last minute AfrikaBurn planning and packing day, backups, laundry, parent teacher meeting at Mia’s school, haircut, shopping, more packing and fetched all my camping gear, drove to Paul’s house – we had the best intentions to leave at 3am the next morning, but we ended up being realistic and taking another day to prepare and pack.
  • After a teacher meeting this week, I really need to teach Mia some more Afrikaans.
  • When you start packing for AfrikaBurn you are at AfrikaBurn.
  • Can Exes Be Friends?
  • Tuesday, sorting and organising AfrikaBurn gear at Paul’s house, more shopping for batteries, avos and biltong, we had a nice lunch at Basic Bistro with a Kaapzicht white, packed Paul’s van, epic sunset
  • Wednesday, up at 3:00, road trip to AfrikaBurn with Paul, we were on the dirt road at around 6:49, we stopped at the Tankwa padstal, then we had a flat tyre, so we stopped and swapped the wheel – but, it started raining, then the jack slipped under the car, then the car would not start, so we flagged down a car to help jump-start us, then moved the car to get the jack out, swapped the wheel, and then made it to the Halfway House to fix the wheel, we arrived at the burn at 11ish (8 hours after waking up), we had a bit of rain, found Tammy’s camp and had a sunset walk.
  • We had just over 20 people in our camp this year under two connected stretch tents – and a few cool people camping next to us, including Jon – who I camped next to in 2012. We camped around 10ish… it was fairly quiet.
  • I met at least 10 new cool people at the burn.
  • Thursday, chilled around the camp, built some LEGO, not real other notes – pretty sure we went for a few walks.
  • Friday, solo exploring and photography walk, watched the sunset from the top of the Tree of Life structure with Paul, we found Lietsie’s space truck.
  • Saturday, more exploring, more photos, more sunset fun, walked around with Nelia and watched a burn or two.
  • No bike this year, but can’t say I really missed it.
  • I managed to pack fairly compactly this year – see photo below… that excludes water.
  • Sunday, coffee with Charl and Will, most of our camp packed up and left, Paul and I took a long walk and took some photos, spotted an Ode to Snowden artwork (see below), afternoon at Tammy’s, we went to go watch the Clan burn, I got some nice evening photos, but it was no the most impressive burn.
  • Btw. that tent company that screwed up and did not bring our tent in 2014 made good and borrowed us a tent this year. All went well, so I removed that blog post.
  • Find my 146 photos from AfrikaBurn here: Day 1 and 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.