Quick Update

Botrivier adverture, 3D CAD and IMAX…

Botrivier – photo by Mia
  • Week of 8-14 May.
  • Monday, blog editing, guesthouse breakfast, office, dentist visit, lunch with Michael, dev meeting, built a new production server for the Octotel automation system, a swim at the silo gym, some reading about Arista gear.
  • Write drunk, publish, edit sober.
  • Relentlessly resourceful.
  • Go leave a comment about the FCC Net Neutrality process: gofccyourself.com
  • Tuesday, some eBay shopping, office, dev meeting, tinkered with VirtualBox networking, a beer with Mike at Village Idiot – to chat 3D modeling, a burger and a beer at Junior, P&G, a rooibos tea, in bed early.
  • Wednesday, The Blue House guesthouse breakfast, office, Sababa lunch with Heleen, built another Ubuntu server, a walk with Georg from Clifton to Bakoven, Georg cooked a roast for dinner and gave me a few 3D CAD lessons with OnShape while we watched and old Leon Schuster movie on ShowMax.
  • 3D CAD / design is fun, I could get into it.
  • It really was awesome not to have a phone, watch or laptop at AfrikaBurn.
  • Thursday, yet another continental breakfast, had two small parts of my face burnt off at the skin doctor – walked out with a bit of a Fight Club look, office, catch-up chat with Dan, tinkered with an aquarium design, watched Mia’s hockey, an early supper with Mia at W Cafe, a glass of wine at Dirk’s while Mia watched MIB3.
  • Naulene had a wobble because I took Mia for supper after hockey… “I’m not available, make a plan!” and put the phone down on me, hmm, I tried to phone her on three phones, no answer, turns out she’s blocked my number. Kinda hard to let her know what’s going on if there is no way to communicate. Unreasonable people living on strange planets. *shrug*
  • Friday, my last continental breakfast for a while, Mia skipped school because of above wobble, office, dev meeting while Mia watched The Fifth Element with some hot chocolate, took Mia to the dentist for a checkup, Guardians of the Galaxy II in 3D IMAX – very cool – as good as the first one – Mia agreed, clothes and shoes shopping for Mia, road trip to Botrivier with some singing along to Killers / Sam’s Town, dinner at the Botrivier Hotel, dark Toblerone, 12h sleep.
  • Fleetwood Mac in GOTG2 made my day (-:
  • Saturday, I had less of a Fight Club look by now, extended breakfast at the hotel – with some marmalade, extended wine tasting at Beaumont Wines with Sebastian in the winter sun with a few very layed back dogs while Mia doodled in a notebook, lunch and a wine tasting at Gabrielskloof, epic nap, watched Willow with Mia – Val Kilmer the fantasy hero, we watched Dune – classic and strange, Amarula night cap at the hotel bar – with a Rushmore soundtrack, time well spent.
  • Here Comes My Baby – Cat Stevens
  • “It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. Fear is the mind-killer.” — Dune

  • I think we’re progressing fairly well with the geeky movies list.
  • Sunday, hotel breakfast with Mia, filled in the AfrikaBurn survey, we watched Ghost in the Shell – the original, wine tasting at Wildekrans, wine tasting and lunch at Benguela Cove – with two Sting songs by some one-man-band guy – Mia found it very funny after watching Dune, I read Mia the Sivers Directives, epic nap, watched Jurassic Park again – moral of the story: make sure you know what the nerds are doing, sunset walk around Botrivier, helped Mia make a slide deck for a school project, backups, notes and photo processing.
  • Nice to see Mia five days in a row.
  • Tune of the week: The Chain – Fleetwood Mac

Have a fun week, crazy kids.