Use This Tech

Stating the obvious, but...

Get an iPhone. Use Prey and Find My iPhone. Use True Caller. Use SwiftKey.

Get a Macbook Pro. Make Dvorak your keyboard layout. Make an encrypted file system on your laptop.

Use Telegram, Firefox, Vienna RSS, Pocket, and Simplenote.

Sync your RSS reading on your phone with Inoreader app.

Use DuckDuckGo for search.

Install Pocket Casts and listen to an unhealthy number of podcasts.

Use iTerm2, mosh, mutt, and zsh with oh my zsh.

Learn a photo management tool like CaptureOne.

Learn to code Python, use Django to build web apps and APIs.

Learn Linux, run Ubuntu or Debian.

Don't use Gmail. Run your own email server. Try to avoid "the cloud" as much as you can, this includes things like iCloud. Use a bit of Dropbox if you must share a big file. Keep all photos of your children private! Don't share these online or in "the cloud".

Make regular off-site backups.

Get a personal server at Linode or Digital Ocean, or host your own hardware.

Host your own personal homepage and blog, use WordPress. Write about interesting things you do.

Share strong opinions.

3 thoughts on “Use This Tech

  1. I think for most people, using something cloud based is more secure than using an external hard drive, that could fail or get stolen, or trying to set up a server without sufficient skills to secure it.

    G Suite and Office 365 which are designed with corporate users in mind should be fine for consumers. The security teams at Google and Microsoft will definitely have more skills than the average consumer and be able to mitigate attacks or vulnerabilities much quicker.

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