Quick Update

Alien Covenant, Fokofpolisiekar and Cape Town’s water…

  • Week of 22-28 May.
  • Health week 1/1. (-:
  • Monday, office, strategy meeting, dev meeting, after work catch up with Heleen, watched Alien Covenant at the Waterfront with Wouter – hmm… good visuals, wrote a blog post.
  • Tuesday, podcast walk to the office, telecon with Vodacom, dev meeting, server tinkering, indox zero – for the first time in a few months, walked to La Vie, rooibos tea and cat typing, played with some high-end wifi gear.
  • “Startups that use technology to disrupt existing, profitable business models and can scale fast.”

  • Wednesday, office, more wifi device tinkering, catch up chat with Dan, catch-up chat with Heleen, sunset promenade walk, upgraded the home wifi from 60Mbps to around 300Mbps.
  • Thursday, gym with a Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, office, dev meeting and server tinkering, watched Mia’s hockey, a glass of wine and some diagram drawing at Dirk’s house, Fokofpoliesiekar at Mercury with Georg – good show, great fun, time well spent.
  • Friday, office, catch up with Dirk, fetched Mia from her choir performance, burger in a bowl at Da Vinci’s, wrote a blog post about water in Cape Town.
  • “Something to ponder in the shower over the next few days…” – Michael figured this is not the best thing to say in Cape Town right now, so for the sake of saving some creativity in the shower, I did some research into which percentage of water ends up in Cape Town homes… seems it’s around 19%.
  • Saturday, Grander Bay market (and active wear convention) with Mia, Zander and Wouter – the usual olive shopping, Mia and Zander watched Diary for a Wimpy kid while we explored Exclusive Books – mostly Wired magazine reading – I found Mia two School for Good and Evil books – they seem to be a hit, watched some MIB3, a braai at Jacques’ – watched Evolution again, a long chat about Cape Town’s water troubles with some Laphroaig.
  • Sunday, slept late, made a nice breakfast, Mia read her book, watched the end of MIB3, we watched A Series of Unfortunate Events – not bad, putt-putt with Mia, sunset promenade walk, ribs at Hussar with Mia and Georg, try some Drambuie, ice cream at The Creamery, time well spent.
  • Seems Cape Town might run out of water towards the end of August.
  • I’ll keep adding posts to my Strong Opinions project.
  • Tune of the week: alt-J – Adeline

Have a fun week, crazy kids.