Quick Update

Stormy week…

Cape Town Storm
  • Week of 5-11 June.
  • Monday, woke up in Matjiesfontein, road trip to Cape Town with Georg, office, sunset promenade walk, watched the Apple event with Heleen.
  • Tuesday, office, phone chat with Cath, breakfast for lunch at Kleinsky’s, some photo processing, wrote a blog post about some Django setup notes, sunset promenade walk, some server tinkering and backups.
  • “I’m not miserable. I’m dissatisfied. That’s what makes me a success.” — She’s The One

  • Wednesday, up early – woken up by the storm, some newsletter writing, crazy stormy day – sideways rain, Arista event in Century City, office, impressive waves around Sea Point, went home, had some red wine – watched the crazy weather and read a technical manual, epic rainy weather nap, 1/2 price tacos at La Vie with Georg – their “Point Break” special, listened to Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters a few times.
  • Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters – Elton John
  • The Black Keys – Little Black Submarines
  • Worth a re-watch: Can Exes Be Friends?
  • Learn To Do Everything Lightly
  • Thursday, sent a newsletter, office, Old Mutual Trophy wine show public tastings at the CTICC with Paul – good fun, thanks Paul, dark chocolate, in bed early, slept like the dead – sinus meds and wine.
  • Wine I liked the most: The Eleanor 2012 Chardannay from Hartenberg.
  • Friday, office, haircut, fetched Mia, dinner with Dirk at Piza e Vino in Stellenbosch with a paper jet folding and flying competition – I won (-:
  • Saturday, cold and rainy day, breakfast at Jarryd’s with Mia, Wouter and Zander – not bad, but I’m a bit over Jarryd’s – bad value, Waterfront with Mia, we found her the 3rd School for Good and Evil book, we watched Wonder Woman – pretty good – but not as good as Aliens in the strong female lead category, gelato and a walk around the Waterfront with Mia, sunset promenade walk, bumped into Cath and walked with her for a while, soup and red wine with Mia, dark chocolate, some Famous Grouse, culled about 70 saved Facebook links, watched a bit of Back to the Future.
  • I finally finished listening to the YC / How to Start a Startup podcast series.
  • “You seem to have a thing for overly complicated woman. Just stop that.” — Wouter

  • Sunday, tea and backups – I found Wrath of the Kahns podcast series on and old laptop – been meaning to listen to it for ages, grapefruit, passion fruit and photo editing while Mia watched Full House (1987) on Netflix, matcha flapjacks at Scheckter’s Raw – hmm, they changed their recipe, wintery promenade walk with Mia – I used the remote camera feature on my Apple watch + iPhone for the first time – joy, some home speedtests and troubleshooting, dinner with Mia, Wouter and Shaun, made a 2nd Jolp set for Mia – 12 episodes – mostly 99pi, Radiolab and What It Takes, time well spent.
  • Amusing episode of Full House – where they promote low fat / fat free food. The 80s and 90s man. What a food disaster.
  • Mia’s iPhone ran out of space, so I figured I’d show her how to download and edit her photos, make backups, and then put a best-of/memories album back on her phone. I think 90% of iPhone users have full/slow phones just waiting to loose all their photos. People are monkeys.
  • Paul rebooted his Instagram account – for his new and improved food/lifestyle blogger persona.
  • I had a Harajuku Moment this weekend. Need to be less lazy again.
  • I updated my use this tech post.
  • Tune of the week: Elton John – Tiny Dancer

Have a fun week, crazy kids.