Quick Update

Bakoven, Oudekraal and Thai Green Curry…

  • Week of 10 to 16 July.
  • Monday, made breakfast for Mia, Discovery shop to get Mia’s latest health stats, smoothies at One Juice, quick Heleen visit, dropped Mia off in Sea Point – she watched Forrest Gump, office, fetched Mia, took Mia to Jacques’ house and had a mid-week braai, night cap at Sotano with Heleen – chats about social media I think – I was mostly distracted by active wear, I was greeted by a super happy dog when I arrived back home.
  • Mia is now… 11yo, 163cm, 53.6kg, 23.1kg muscle.
  • Mia went for an Afrikaans learning day or two. Her latest Afrikaans marks are somewhat embarrassing.
  • I currently post around 1 photo per day to Instagram or FB, and I post 10 photos per week to my blog. I used to have this idea that I wanted to publish a million photos, but somehow my current rate of photo publishing seems enough.
  • I met Heleen for the first time, Tuesday, a year ago at Strolla.
  • Tuesday, office, dev meeting, windy afternoon, food and flowers shopping, cooked a roast leg of lamb and some veggies for Heleen with a nice Malbec, browsed some old photos and listened to classical music, time well spent.
  • I really missed fibre internet at home this week.
  • Wednesday, office, meeting at Knead, late lunch with Mia, Jacques and Charlotte, sunset promenade walk with Mia and Romeo, quick Heleen visit, roast leg of lamb eating round two, 12yo single malt with some contract editing while watching The Fast and the Furious 7 with Mia – rather moving ending.
  • Found this again, from around 2007, fun project.
  • Thursday, worked while Mia watched Stardust again, Georg took the dog for a 2h walk around Table Mountain, Gardens Centre ingredients shopping, I cooked my world famous Thai green curry for Heleen, Georg, Jacques, Matietjie, Charlotte and Mia, fun evening, time well spent.
  • Heleen has a new blog, so I added her as a friend on my blog. Not nerdy at all. I’m a little nervous she’s going to overtake me with the Truman Show blogging soon.
  • Friday, we had big plans to take the train to Simonstown, but Jacques woke up with a small cut in his eye so we ended up at Mediclinic, I took Mia, Charlotte and Romeo to Beta Beach – super low tide and we pretty much had the beach to ourselves – they played in the puddles and moved starfish around – I really love Bakoven, omelettes and fresh juices at Bootleggers (pretty much my birthday in reverse), nap, a sunset walk and swim around Oudekraal beach with Mia, Charlotte and Romeo, pizza night with Jacques and Marietjie, we watched 21 – good movie, I drove Jacques to the Sea Point BP to fuel his nicotine habit, in bed fairly early, photo processing.
  • Saturday, grapefruit, watched The Pink Panther (recent version), braai at Dirk’s house with a Polish Vodka tasting – good fun – I tried to get Mia to watch Dr Strangelove, very rainy drive back to Cape Town, Mia and I watched a part of Ant Man – not bad.
  • If you have an Apple Watch, install Pedometer++ so you can see your daily step count on a watch face.
  • Sunday, up fairly early, reading, compiled a list of blogging notes, brunch with Mia at Bootleggers in Bakoven – end of my holiday time with her – it’s been a fun two weeks, Naulene fetched Mia, 3 hour epic nap, a glass of wine at La Vie with Heleen and friends, my backup toothbrush ran out of battery power so I went home and had a chat with Wouter, supper at Aris Souvlaki with Heleen, the usual super happy dog greeting, photo processing.
  • Tune of the week: Plainsong – The Cure – Disintegration

Have a fun week, crazy kids.