Virgin Active Muppets

It’s time for a blog post about Virgin Active. I’ve been emailing them about these things, but they don’t seem to think this is useful feedback. So here are my thoughts about the Silo gym at the Waterfront.

I think…

  • The pool could be 25m long. What fool decided to make it shorter?
  • The sauna could work. It uses 100ml water / 3min. Keeping the sauna on for a day uses around 20 litres of water. This is less than a single shower. Don’t try and tell me they are trying to save water by switching the sauna off.
  • They could add an area where you can stretch – not just the grid area – gets busy and loud. In a place that big, how can there not be an area to stretch?
  • The changing rooms could be WAY bigger – must be the same genius designer that figured out their unique swimming pool length.
  • They could make the parking free if you go early in the morning when the parking area has almost no cars.
  • Internet: They might as well keep the wifi password the same for a few months. Nobody likes asking for their l33T hAX0r passwords all the time.
  • Wifi speeds at Silo gym: 4Mbps down, 2Mbps up. In 2017, with fibre in the area?
  • That Fortinet firewall / content filter is super lame.
  • Yeah, I know the internet at the other clubs is way worse. Stuck in 2004. You can’t even download the Uber app with the daily traffic allowance at most clubs. *facepalm*
  • I’m still mildly annoyed they don’t let kids visit this gym.
  • Add bulletproof coffee to the coffee shop menus. The Point used to have this. Not anymore.

There you have it. Things to be aware of when you ponder joining a Virgin Active gym.

“The fancy one.”


2 thoughts on “Virgin Active Muppets

  1. Virgin Active Tyger Valley is also really horrible and it’s supposed to be a “flagship” club for them. Only reason why I go there is because it’s the only one close by that I can get access to on Vitality. I think I might just pay more and go with a decent, independent gym next.

  2. This whole story with the steam rooms and saunas being turned off is nonsense. They would save infinitely a lot more water by converting the urinals with waterless devices which they have not done. this leads me to believe that this is a public relations exercise which allows them to save electricity and costs, and increase profits without any meaningful water savings. I notice my monthly fees have not reduced in line with the reduction of facilities.

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