Quick Update

Fasting for fun and fat loss…

  • Week of 17-23 July.
  • Fasting week. Jacques challenged me to a 10 day fast. Previous record was 6.5 days. So, I think I can eat again on 27 July. The plan is to lose 10kg of fat in four weeks.
  • Monday, fed the dog and cat and made some cinnamon bulletproof coffee, office, Vodacom meeting, coconut oil with ginger and green tea, extended sunset promenade walk with Heleen, 20k steps, ended up at the Waterfront and had some mint tea at Melissas, crazy happy dog greeting.
  • Tuesday, fasting day 2, gym, office, I cleaned my (external) keyboard – and then five of my keys stopped working – argh! – lunchtime walk, wrote a quick blog post about How To Get Lean, took Romeo for a walk on Camps Bay beach, wrote a blog post about Social Media Sanity.
  • Wednesday, gym, swim, published a blog post about the gym – Virgin Active Muppets, Audi visit, office, lunchtime walk with Heleen, rainy afternoon, a mint tea at Beluga.
  • Interesting read: A tale of two beautiful women.
  • Future proof your body.
  • Thursday, fasting day 4, bulletproof coffee, office, lunchtime walk, evening swim at the Silo gym.
  • I wrote a post about Fasting for Fat Loss. If you are interested in some of the details of my current fasting routine.
  • My More Life Labs site looks a bit more pretty now.
  • Listen to The Future of Education.
  • I published a bunch of blog posts this week. Must be the ketones in by blood.
  • Friday, the cat woke me up, office, dropped a school bag off for Mia, catch up with Dirk and Dave in Stellenbosch, quick catch up with Jaco.
  • Saturday, 12k steps walk with Heleen and Romeo from Sea Point to Clifton and back, mint tea at Seattle Coffee co with Heleen and Romeo (who had water), nap, watched The Odyssey at the VIP Waterfront cinemas – very cool movie… note no self: watch the old Jacques Cousteau movies.
  • When fasting I seem to wake up feeling more rested, and my head seems clearer. I often wake up with some pretty good ideas.
  • Sunday, fasting day 7, Hout Bay beach walk with Heleen and Romeo, we picked up some trash on the beach (human WALL-E), Gardens Centre, epic nap, last day in the Bakoven house – it was a very cool three weeks – said goodbye to Romeo, sunset promenade walk, general Sunday night cat-typing and watched some Netflix documentaries.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.