Quick Update

The last pizza and two pizza teams…

  • Week of 7-13 August.
  • Monday, office, smoothie with Heleen, supplement shopping for a new project, walked from Sea Point to Camps Bay with Heleen – nice sunset on the way, a very tasty burger at Mantra Cafe / Melissas.
  • “Ken sent me.”

  • “If an argument lasts more than 5 minutes, both sides are wrong.” — Neil deGrasse Tyson

  • Moments are momentary
  • Tuesday, car service day, office, dev meeting, beetroot latte at Knead with Niel, wrote a newsletter – we launched a new Octotel app for ISPs, promenade walk with Heleen, we walked to the Waterfront and found a gift, a glass of wine at Georg’s, a drink at HQ with Georg – joined Heleen’s woman’s day dinner, nightcap at Harvey’s.
  • Wednesday, public holiday, installed Firefox v55, promenade podcast walk, a Cape Town G&T at La Vie with Georg, Pierre and Stefan, an Old Fasioned cocktail at Ricks with Heleen, we watched Baby Driver at the Labia – very good – go watch it, a Porn Star Martini at Asoka – I had not been there in ages – still a very cool interior.
  • How To Be A Genius
  • Watch the video above. Kinda weird how you don’t really get around to doing things you know are good for you. Learn to stick with your ideas.
  • “Wisdom is learning to take your own advice.”

  • Our real wealth is in what we can learn to build.
  • Thursday, chia and yoghurt for breakfast, daily supplements, office, got some house sitting instructions from Cath, IFM doctor visit with Heleen – very interesting, some collective document editing and tinkering on a project with Heleen at Hail Pizza – cool place – Heleen’s last pizza for a while, house sitting in Gardens – fed the cat.
  • Seems I’m more allergic to Cath’s cat than most cats.
  • Check out IFM.
  • I updated my daily supplements list… since I’m kinda health hacking Heleen at the moment (read: health coaching).
  • I found this post again. Worth a read.
  • Friday, haircut at Yogi’s, worked at Clark’s, got my lip zapped with a laser three times, office, supplement shopping with Heleen, walked home (car still being fixed), Van Hunks happy hour with Georg, burger in a bowl at Da Vinci’s with Heleen.
  • Listen to the Joe Rogan interview with Dom D’Agostino – it’s only 3 hours. Very inspirational.
  • Saturday, up at 05:50, dropped Heleen off at the airport – she’s on holiday for a few days, some cat typing at the Waterstone gym with a Cigarettes After Sex soundtrack, omelette at Lourensford, fetched Mia from her gran’s house, tea with Dirk in Stellenbosch, clothes shopping for Mia, Route44 market biltong stop, we took the coastal road to Muizenberg, beach walk, chai latte at Empire Cafe, walked up and down Kalk Bay main road, harbour wall stroll, we shared some mussels at Olympia Cafe, nice drive back via Boyes Drive, Gardens Centre, managed to figure out how a Chromecast works, watched For the Love of Spock, watched Jumper, fun day, time well spent.
  • I posted my 500th Instagram photo this week.
  • I stared playing with Sublime Text 3. Tired of fat and lazy Java.
  • We’ve Lost the Internet
  • I’m pondering an experiment with a gluten free, dairy free, coffee free, keto diet for 10 weeks. The cure for chronic inflation. Living well in old age and low orbit.
  • Sunday, tea, photo processing, chilled sunny winter Sunday, we made favicons, I showed Mia the end of The Interview (she’s a Katy Perry fan and was asking about North Korea), Mia remembered what she did with her phone after losing it recently – only took me about 10 minutes of asking questions, we walked to Bacini’s for lunch – my last pizza for a while, promenade walk, Mia watched Edward Scissorhands, updated my blog with some of Wellington’s finest.
  • Tune of the week: Shakira – Try Everything

Have a fun week, crazy kids.