Quick Update

Arniston visit and a spider bite…

  • Week of 28 August to 3 September.
  • This post is a bit late. Also, I should probably make better notes of interesting things I discover.
  • Monday, processed some notes, worked from home, all kinds of yak shaving, sunset promenade walk with Heleen to the Waterfront and back, 2-for-1 steak night at HQ with Wouter – good food.
  • Tuesday, sick at home – suspect a spider bite on my ankle, lots of sleeping and caught up on a few JP videos – generally just feeling sorry for myself, Heleen brought me some tom yum soup – thank you (-:
  • Engage your core when you sit.
  • Wednesday, feeling way more human, VitB shot, doctor visit, Dischem, office, catch up lunch with Dave, after work drink with Jonathan and Ian, burger in a bowl with Georg at Da Vinci’s, the Dutches with Georg and Heleen.
  • “Berlin. Ostrich. In a bowl. Double.”
  • Pro tip: when you get a weird insect bite (spider), make sure you get something like Bactroban on there, else you might get a secondary infection (and be taken out for a day).
  • Thursday, wound healing cocktail with extra collagen and glutamine, office, phone chat with Ernst, afterwork drink with Jonathan and a tour of Ian’s new office project, Georg cooked a roast with a nice Saronsberg red, we watched Semi-Pro again – very funny.
  • Mia did very well in her test week. Three A results so far. (-:
  • Friday, doctor check up, office, gluten-free and dairy-free snack shopping, road trip to Arniston with Heleen.
  • I managed to not take a big batch of antibiotics.
  • I’ve been collecting a list of blood tests / bio markers to do fairly regularly, but that project has been delayed because of the spider bite infection.
  • Saturday, epic buffet breakfast, bicycle ride around Arniston, harbour visit, sunset beach walk.
  • The Arniston Hotel is good value.
  • Sunday, woke up early and watched the sunrise, Arniston cave exploring, buffet breakfast with some bubbly, a visit to the southernmost tip of Africa / Agulhas, calamari at Pelicans, podcast road trip, Perigrine farm stall visit and cider tasting, Clifton 1st sunset with Heleen, Cath and Georg, photo processing, fun weekend, time well spent.
  • Heleen’s no gluten diet seems to be working well for me.
  • I did not go to Wolfkop this weekend, but I am making some good progress with a project I kinda started at Wolfkop last year, thanks Tash. Actually two projects.
  • Support your local tech startup – week 1… please go Like and Follow and Follow a project called Jolp.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.