Quick Update

Let’s go bowling…

Lunchtime Walk
  • Week of 4-10 September.
  • Monday, walked to the office, lunchtime walk and a salad, supplement shopping – found some magnesium glycinate, walked home, working supper with Heleen – Korean food at Soju – fermented food is healthy kids, general tinkering, script writing and a bit of design at La Vie – made a logo for Jolp.
  • 4 weeks without beer, coffee, gluten, pizza.
  • “Just put the moodboard in a spreadsheet.” — Heleen. Sure way to scare away designers.

  • Tuesday, some early morning film making – good fun, windy and rainy day, office, lunchtime podcast smoothie walk, tinkered with a WordPress site and did some creative writing, jazz night at Hanks with Etienne and Wouter, bit of a list minute scramble to get Jonathan to submit a recommendation – which kinda failed.
  • We missed the Startup Chile entry deadline, mostly because of lame UX.
  • Wednesday, up early, walked to the office, catch up with Dan, catch up with Greg, after work promenade walk with Paul, a glass of wine at La Vie with Paul, dinner with Heleen and her parents.
  • 4th week without coffee for me. This was the first week I did not have any cravings to go get a cup of coffee. Not sure if it was a chemical thing or just mental habit, but for the first two weeks coffee kept popping into my head. So long coffee.
  • Thursday, cold and wet day, office, egg breakfast for lunch, processed about 200 notes, watched a classical music concert at the Town Hall with Georg – very good Sibelius piece, Van Hunks with Georg and Chris.
  • The first version of the Jolp website is live.
  • Friday, up early, wrote an overdue blog post, tea with Heleen, office, two meetings, dentist, Lancet lab tour, fetched Mia, had a minor wobble about the state of Mia’s toe, walked around the Waterfront and spent some time in the bookshop – Mia was hoping the next School for Good and Evil book would be out, Shawarma Express with Mia and Heleen.
  • Saturday, supplement sorting and bottling, breakfast at La Vie with Mia and Georg, promenade walk with Mia, took Mia to the Dischem nurse, watched the rugby at La Vie with Georg, potjiekos competition day at the Camps Bay community bowling club with Mia, Georg, Dennis, Hugo and Romeo, patched Mia’s toe, nap, photo processing, calories well spent.
  • Sunday, backups, migrated my photos from July and August, patched Mia’s toe again, brunch at Newport with Mia, a walk through Green Point park, extended afternoon on Clifton 1st with Mia, Heleen, Georg, Cath and Etienne, La Vie supper with Mia and Georg, great weather, time well spent.
  • Support your local tech startup – week 2… please go Like and Follow and Follow a project called Flow Farms.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.