Quick Update

Africa for beginners…

  • Week of 23-29 October.
  • Health week 3/4.
  • I’ve been experimenting with fairly high doses of: zink (75mg), vitD (15000IU), brazil nuts (about 10 per day), cod liver oil (1g twice a day) chia seeds (40g), fish oil (1.5g twice a day), glutamine (3g twice a day), vitB3/niacin (500mg twice a day), apple cider vinegar (15ml). In theory this is good for your gut lining, lipid profile and free testosterone count. Let’s see.
  • I avoided wine this week. Had a few vodka soda + fresh lime drinks and a martini. I’m starting to think wine as bad for me. Check the toxin list.
  • Monday, school run while listening to a Derek Sivers interview, Waterstone gym, office, meeting at Knead, sunset promenade walk and some broccoli cooking with Heleen, slept like a baby.
  • “Firms exist for two main reasons: to minimize transaction costs and to aggregate capital and people.” — from

  • My queued podcast list is back down to under 50. I dumped a few shows.
  • I’ve noticed my sleeping heart rate is a fair bit higher when I’ve has some wine. I think I had too much wine last week – and not enough good sleep.
  • I’ve actually achieved two weeks in a row of Vitality Active Reward goals. Going to try and get 4 in a row.
  • Challenge yourself to change, 3yr cycles seem good.
  • Tuesday, walked to the office, played with QGIS, breakfast for lunch with Michael, bumped into Paul at La Vie, sunset promenade walk with Heleen.
  • Remember kids, don’t listen to your Queen records in reverse. Had a good laugh about this with Dirk recently.
  • Wednesday, worked at home – productive day, late afternoon gym session.
  • “Man does not create… he discovers.” — Antonio Gaudi

  • Don’t Build a Startup, Build a Movement
  • Thursday, office, played with Zenkit, sunset promenade walk, cooked some broccoli and kale.
  • Zenkit is cool. Just waiting for it to get Gantt charts.
  • Friday, wrote a proposal, office, dev meeting, afterwork vodka soda at La Vie with Georgi and Heleen, Piano Bar in De Waterkant, Kloof St House, vegan ice cream place on Kloof st, a martini at Harveys.
  • Found this post. Mostly because I was in De Waterkant. Good memories of a weekend with Ernst.
  • “Cape Town: Africa for beginners.” — Georgi, who is visiting Cape Town for a month. We met at Techstars in 2014.

  • Saturday, Granger bay market with Georgi and Heleen – good value chia and brazil nut packs, 5 hour Clifton 2nd beach session with Heleen, Georgi, Michel and Michelle – epic sunset, La Vie – chicken skewer and slaw again, slept like a baby, time well spent.
  • Sunday, three cups of tea, chia, glutamine, avo, photo and notes processing, backups, walked to Nu for a smoothie bowl, supplement shopping, mini nap, mobility routine, extended sunset podcast promenade walk, reading – Tools of Titans (finally), in bed early.
  • I’d love to know IQ, testosterone level and all cause mortality rate of people who feel compelled to do a noisy drive-by past Rockpool – 50kmph speed limit. Wonder if this differs a lot by value of the vehicle. Probably not. Muppets.
  • The clueless visionary.
  • “Once you decide on your occupation, you must immerse yourself in your work.” — Jiro

  • You may want to disable sharing your heart rate data with the Discovery app.
  • Tune of the week: The Lumineers – Stubborn Love – great video.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.