Quick Update

Hello beautiful nerds…

Clifton 2nd
  • Week of 30 October to 5 November.
  • Health week 4/4. 3 Vitality Active Reward goals in a row.
  • I went full health nerd this week. Brocolli, Kale, Eggs, Brazil nuts.
  • Monday, mobility routine, chia, glutamine and collagen mix, walked to gym – the sunny outdoor gym area is fun, office, sunset podcast walk – 22k steps, podcast broccoli and kale cooking, glutamine, collagen, fish oil, reading, 150g of protein for the day.
  • I figured I should try some old school gym routines and supplement for a while. All those gym rats can’t be wrong.
  • Use the NoScript plugin for Firefox.
  • The future kinda arrived with the iPhone6 in 2014. Laptops have solid state drives. Since then, all we really got was Instagram Stories, and way too many podcast episodes to listen to.
  • Watch this: The Gut is Not Like Las Vegas
  • My podcast queue is down to 20ish. I think I’m a bit over Tim Ferriss, his last few shows have been pretty boring.
  • Tuesday, office, sunset podcast promenade walk, t-bone steak at the legendary Sea Point steak restaurant that is Buzbey Grill with Heleen – it was the chef’s last night.
  • If you can write, you should. So many people are scared of public writing.
  • I suspect I’m not very efficient, but I’m pretty effective.
  • Wednesday, up at 5:00, mobility routine and TiTea, gym – I can bench press my body weight again, office, a juice at Strolla and a walk with Michael, sunset promenade walk, cooked some broccoli.
  • What environment can I create for maximum learning in 2018? Goldilocks zone.
  • Thursday, walked to the office, dev meeting, caught the 5pm VIP cinema show at the Waterfront – mostly to just chill out and do nothing, Blade Runner 2049 again – I figured it was worth another watch – beautiful visuals – can’t say I changed my review ideas.
  • Data are. Data is. Messes with my head.
  • Friday, some early morning network testing, gym, dev meeting, another dev meeting, read about GIS servers, Myog, sunset podcast promenade walk, dinner at Heleen’s, attempted to watch some Netflix, but failed.
  • Health hacking is going well. 7.3kg transformation in 4 weeks. Not super amazing, but steady progress.
  • Saturday, kinda got the date wrong for Sam’s wedding, a walk down Sea Point main road to visit the Thai and Chinese shops – got some ginseng tubes, fetched Mia from a party, a quick catch up with Dirk in Stellenbosch, a visit to Joostenberg Bistro with Paul and Nicola, podcast drive back to Cape Town – I played Mia the MGMT Time to Pretend episode of Song Exploder, burger in a bowl at Da Vinci’s with a norcal margarita and some inception tic tac toe (see below), vegan ice cream at Unframed, breakfast food shopping – Mia loves making breakfast, we watched Star Trek again (the first recent reboot), time well spent.
  • Anti drama.
  • I think I need to update me personal website soon. Content is very old.
  • “You are too concerned about what was and what will be. There is a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” — Oogway, Mia and I had a chat about being present and being curious.

  • Sunday, up early, tinkered with an app idea, supplement shopping with Mia, Waterfront – we found some new beach hats, figured I needed some swimming trunks, extended book shop visit, found a pretty big watermelon and cut it up, Clifton 2nd with Heleen and some norcal marganitas – nice cold swims and a beach walk – Mia finished the book she bought earlier, rice free sushi at Nuri with Mia – she seems to like sushi now, low carb ice cream, in bed early.
  • My next blood tests are in 10 days time. I’m struggling to find other health nerds to do the blood biomarker tests. Track what you hack.
  • Tune of the week… is a podcast episode: Song Exploder – MGMT – Time To Pretend.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.