How To Browse The Web

Things you must do before you browse the web...

Step 1) Install Firefox. You want an independent browser. No evil empires.

If you are unsure about Step 1, watch an Enron documentary or two, and then go for a long walk.

Step 2) Install some plugins for Firefox. You need:

a) Privacy Badger, from the EFF. You know who the EFF are right?

b) HTTPS Everywhere. Also EFF, and Aaron Swartz was involved is this plugin, you know who that is right? Watch: The Internet's Own Boy.

c) uBlock Origin. Because the brightest minds of our generation are building "AdTech", yet ads are _still_ lame, and because 0.1% of humans (muppets) click on ads, we have to endure this foolish torture, or just block them.

d) NoScript. Because Google "tag manager" is just spyware, and you don't want people running evil javascript in your browser, trying to sell you things you don't need. Pro tip: set configure it with "Temporarily set top-level sites to TRUSTED".

e) Add Blocker for Youtube

f) Dark Reader

g) HTTP/2 Indicator and IPvFoo and SixIndicator

h) DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

Step 3) Read Social Media Sanity and Use This Tech.