Quick Update

Hacking cholesterol and Star Wars sans Han…

Granger Bay Radisson
  • Week of 18-24 December.
  • This post is a bit late, holiday time.
  • Monday, gym, walked to the office, lunchtime One Juice visit, attempted some remote pair programming with Sublime, tinkered with docker-compose and some Python code, figured out how to use a jump box for ssh port port forwarding.
  • Tuesday, Python hacking, played with Sublime, git and pipenv to create dev environments, gym, lamb and broccoli supper with some swiss chocolate.
  • JP on rewards, goals and learning.
  • Tigers like catnip too. Yeah, that’s a fact.
  • Wednesday, last minute vitality health test booking, gym, walked to the office, sunset promenade walk, in bed early.
  • “I just checked out your old-school site. Love it.” — Derek Sivers (-:

  • Thursday, got a Wolfkop ticket, Vitality health check at Wellness Warehouse – life is too short for the Discovery Store and their attitude, very happy with my cholesterol test result, omelette at Clark’s, office, haircut at Wim’s, software testing, mini-nap, Clifton 1st with Georg, Karla and Excelda, followed by the usual chicken skewers at La Vie.
  • Health test results:
    Glucose: 4.9
    Total cholesterol: 4.6 (26% down from 5 weeks ago)
    LDL: 2.95
    HDL: 1.21
    Trig: 1.02
    BP: 128/84
  • I managed to keep my Diamond status, Vitality age = 38. Ended the year with over 53k points. Lame that you can lose points for BMI – what a joke of a metric.
  • “Modern medicine is like throwing eggs off a building and asking doctors to catch them.”

  • I started making list of things I need to complete at Octotel by Feb.
  • Friday, last Octotel software updates for the year, gym, fetched Mia, walked to the Waterfront and stopped for a drink at The Radisson, dinner at Tasha’s, gelato, book shop – found Mia a book: The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. by Neal Stephenson and Nicole Galland.
  • Mia says she read ten books over the last two weeks – reread Harry Potter and School for Good and Evil series. A lot more reading than I did as a child.
  • Saturday, up early, backups, Mia made breakfast, tinkered with a Bitcoin thing, xmas gift shopping at the Waterfront, earl grey tea and the Melissa’s grand breafast, we watched Star Wars ep VIII at the VIP cinema – entertaining – good suspension of disbelief time – better than the last one – Mia liked it, promenade walk, xmas drinks shopping, a Cape Town G&T with Georg at La Vie, watched Contact – epic movie – Mia enjoyed it, time well spent.
  • Star Wars sans Han feels a bit nerdy.
  • Sunday, breakfast with Mia, xmas shopping with Jacques, he walked through Ultra filling up a trolly like that scene from Leaving Las Vegas, bloody mary’s with Jacques, family xmas dinner.
  • Snowden is my personal hero.” — Pavel Durov

  • Tune of the week: Video killed the radio stars.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.