Quick Update

Wolfkop weekend…

Promenade Walk
  • Week of 15-21 January.
  • Not enough photos this week. I kinda forgot to take photos at Wolfkop. Had to borrow a few photos.
  • Monday, gym, office, tea with Michael, extended promenade walk with Nick, La Vie supper.
  • I’ve been experimenting with taking extra zink, copper, selenium, magnesium and boron.
  • Tuesday, office, tea with Nick at Knead, first dev planning meeting for the year, coconut Myog with Michael, sunset promenade walk, tinkered with Sketch.
  • Keep doing things about 5% outside your comfort and skills zone.
  • Wednesday, gym, blur of a multitasking day, played with a gantt chart app, sunset promenade walk.
  • Make time to be unfocused.
  • “The exchange of truth is curative.” — JP

  • Watch this interview. I would not like to debate JP. You would have to really have your act together.
  • How to be an Entrepreneur
  • How To Seduce Someone With Confidence – tldr; odds are so small of it working out anyway, usually.
  • Thursday, work, packing, some just in time shopping – found some new shades and a mattress, blitong stop, fetched some camping equipment, drove to Paul’s house in Stellenbosch, we drove up to Wolfkop and arrived just before sunset – we found a cool camp site – about 18 people in our group.
  • Seems everybody is doing Cape Town Burn this year, starts in April, 3 months in the desert, at home. 5l per day. Thanks city officials for organising, stellar job. Muppets.
  • Friday, Wolfkop, lilo day.
  • Saturday, more Wolfkop, very good fun, lots of swimming, great music, cool people.
  • Big thanks, crazy cats, very cool weekend – incl Paul, Michael, Nelia, Julien, Nick, Wouter, Rene, Pierre, Werner, Stefan, Kirsty, Olivia, Ross, …and the organisers!
  • Somebody should make gluten free beer in Cape Town.
  • Sunday, Wolfkop, epic afternoon, more swimming, in bed early.
  • Note to self: take bloody marys next time, and maybe some Campari.
  • Tunes of the week – Thirty Seconds To Mars. Never been a big fan, but the videos are cool – well produced. Watch these: This is War, Closer To The Edge, Kings and Queens. Also listen to the This is War album.
  • “The age of man is over.”

  • I think I’m having a dry February, and a 5-day fast soon.
  • Feeling refreshed and ready for the year now. (-:

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

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