Quick Update

Gadgets for Dvorak typing, Elton John and time travel…

Clifton Sunset
  • Week of 22 to 28 January.
  • Monday, woke up near Citrusdal, packed up, drove back with Paul, we stopped for a breakfast near Piketberg, dropped some camping gear off, charged some devices, took an aimless sunset podcast walk through Little Tel Aviv, found a burrito bowl and a bloody mary at Mojo Market.
  • The Absa Payment Pebble – most impressive UX fail I’ve seen in ages.
  • Check out The Butterfly Effect podcast series from Audible.
  • Snowden for president.
  • Tuesday, walked to the office, busy day, after work catch up with Nick at Primi.
  • I was away for two days and I ended up with 1000+ RSS feed items, telegram, slack, 50+ podcasts, 100+ emails, FB and Instagram feeds to process. Took me about 90min to make sense of it all again.
  • Wednesday, office, VitB shot, dinner at Thali in Park Road (old Kink) with Al, Georg and Cecile – very good food, phone chat with Mia – she won a few athletics events including high jump and shot put, Van Hunks.
  • People leave managers, not companies.
  • Seem you can now watch the Tim Ferriss Experiment on FB.
  • Thursday, I think that vitB shot worked a bit too well – could not wake up, work – mostly support things, finally unpacked my Wolfkop gear, mini-nap, La Vie salad and a bloody mary, catch up with Paul, lamb stew for dinner with Wouter and Rene – with some red wine and dark chocolate, time well spent.
  • Matt Groening Is A Time Traveler
  • Friday, office, catch up with JL in Stellenbosch, Mia’s inter-house athletics and a catch up with Dirk and Nick, drove through to The Theatre on the Bay (with a Tiny Dancer soundtrack) to watch an Elton John tribute show (Honkey Cats) with Mia – which as fun – Mia liked it – I’ve always loved that little theatre, 24h WW snacking, time well spent.
  • Elton John has been performing for 50 years, and has sold more than 300 million records. Wow.
  • How majestic was that beagle at Wolfkop?
  • I asked Mia what she thought the Tiny Dancer video was about – she said: “music makes you happy”. I said, I think it’s about amor fati, and how life is linear, it has many ups and down, but you can’t have the ups without the downs, so just enjoy all the moments. Life is a dance.
  • I’ve noticed that podcasts help me be unfocused and creative. The real drug is tricking your mind into feeling busy enough and relax, to wonder into other interesting thoughts.
  • I’m afraid we will forget. Last week post about Wolfkop did not do it justice, memories fade. Video is just so much effort. Hmm.
  • I’m clearly not taking enough photos. The last two weeks I had to hunt around to find just ten.
  • After 6 years, I think I’m taking a break from Afrikaburn this year, the ratio of input vs reward just feels a bit out. The rest of the people in our regular crew feel the same I think. Some very good memories, but time to find other adventures.
  • Feels like this year has stared very quickly. Backlog of things to work through.
  • Nerdy weekend of gadget tinkering and one really great movie…
  • Saturday, we found Mia a music keyboard to practice her piano lessons on, omelette for lunch, minor grudge purchase of toothbrush heads, Mia’s phone contract renewal – backup/restore to a new phone, took a stroll to the Waterfront, Hussar dinner with Georg.
  • Sunday, walked to the Winchester, found Mia a Macbook Air 13 inch (7,2 Early 2015) – I considered getting her a Debian laptop but she did not seem that keen (yet) – helped Mia re-install and upgrade macOS on her laptop, Waterfront visit – found Mia a pink sparkly laptop sleeve and a backup drive, Mia wanted to go watch Pitch Perfect 3 – so I ended up watching The Shape Of Water at the VIP cinema – which was truly brilliant – go watch it!, Clifton 1st swim and sunset with Georg and Cath, gluten free pizza at Posticino, time well spent.
  • Turns out 12yo kids now use laptops at school for most of their classes. The deal with the new Macbook and iPhone is that she will be listening to podcasts and typing Dvorak. Good trade.
  • Tune of the week: Elton John – Tiny Dancer

Have a fun week, crazy kids.