Quick Update

Kirstenbosch, potatoes and cognitive load…

Promenade Walk
  • Week of 26 February to 4 March.
  • Monday, gym, office, car wash, visit to Paul’s dad’s house, office, audio book promenade walk, epic nap, had a bit of a battle with the home wifi network – swapped the one hotspot and disabled our free wifi service after 17:00.
  • Tuesday, office, podcast walk home, mini-nap, promenade walk, cooked 3kg of potatoes.
  • Resistant starch potato diet, Joe Rogan podcast # 1037 – fibre only diet.
  • I’ve been pondering cognitive load. I think our prefrontal cortex can probably only really perform around 4 new useful things per day – above the noise of small habit tasks.
  • Wednesday, gym, office, chatted cashless payments with Jaco at Knead – from a past life, tested a new wi-fi router, potatoes, sunset promenade walk, 91, Harvey’s.
  • Thursday, potatoes, walked to the office, BIA machine, lunchtime walk, sunset promenade walk, some Jolp tinkering.
  • BIA: 88.6kg, 17.5% body fat.
  • Friday, gym, office, dev meeting, fetched Mia, took Mia to WP cricket trials, lifesaving club visit, catch up with Dirk in Stellenbosch, dinner at Posticino with Mia.
  • Saturday, Granger Bay market – Moro ice cream, Waterfront – finally found Mia a phone cover, found a thunderbolt Ethernet dongle, back to the market for lunch, epic nap, backups and upgrades, sunset promenade walk.
  • Sunday, Mia made breakfast, chilled morning at home, ribs at Hussar Mouille Point, watched Goodluck and The Kiffness at Kirstenbosch, time well spent.
  • Jacques showed up with a batch of gluten free snacks. The JP diet.
  • Go Like and Follow and Follow a project called Jolp.
  • Tune of the week: Fokofpolisiekar – Komma

Have a fun week, crazy kids.