Quick Update

Aimless walks, dining alone, and triangles…

Camps Bay
  • Week of 5 to 11 March.
  • Monday, breakfast with Mia, school run, gym, hair cut at Yogi’s, office, sunset podcast promenade walk.
  • Tuesday, office, podcast walk home, epic nap, dined alone at La Vie.
  • Why Having the Balls to Dine Alone Makes You a Better Human
  • Go for walks
  • Wednesday, gym, tinkered with some design things – triangles, epic sunset, braai at home.
  • Thursday, up early, worked at Bootleggers, helped Bienne setup a router, office, walked home, nap – was tired for some reason, sago pudding, some Jolp tinkering.
  • Friday, gym, office, dev meeting, catch up with Warwick and Giles and Piazza St John, La Vie with Nick and Tom, promenade walk with Nick, burger at Hussar – more alone dining.
  • Jolp went from 40 to 80 FB likes this week. Go like the page! and check out the Instagram content.
  • I’ve been listening to The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin, pretty cool.
  • Saturday, very lazy gym visit, took an extended flaneuring walk – while listening to two Alt-J albums – Clifton 1st to 4th, Glen Beach, Camps Bay Beach sunset, 20k steps, gluten free pizza and a nice wooded Chardonnay – dining alone again, watched The Shape of Water – again – at the Labia – with some Jamey, unframed ice cream, time super well spent.
  • I solved the Camps Bay Col’cacchio noise problem. Always bugged me. There is a small outside balcony by the bar.
  • They don’t serve White Russians at The Labia. Seems like the perfect match.
  • Stating the obvious, but the future is here – phones are pretty rad. Went for a long walk listening to music and an audio book, took photos, ate a pizza, took an Uber ride, watched a movie – with just a phone in my pocket.
  • I think, the reason I’m not that interested in AfrikaBurn this year, is that I’m not learning anything from it anymore.
  • Be in the soft zone.
  • Always optimise for learning, but make time to appreciate the things you have found.
  • “Triangles are my favourite shape.”

  • Sunday, slept late’ish, woke up with the Argus coming by, Bootleggers around the corner for some Jolp tinkering with Heleen, burger in a bowl, epic nap, post-sunset audio book promenade walk, processed some photos and notes with a Chivas while watching some Netflix with one eye.
  • Why podcasts can change the world
  • Tune of the week: Tessellate – Alt-J

Have a fun week, crazy kids.