Quick Update

Wax museum with a pulse, Bakoven and a Table Mountain hike…

  • Week of 2-8 April.
  • Monday, public holiday, hotel breakfast in Hout Bay, stopped at Oudekraal on the way back to Cape Town, Company’s Garden Cafe, Wellness Warehouse in Gardens, watched The Post at The Labia – excellent movie, photo processing, sunset promenade walk to Clifton with Heleen, extra hot vindaloo curry at 91.
  • Tuesday, bulletproof mushroom coffee, work, gym, Van Hunks with Georg and Anton, dinner at Nick’s.
  • Wednesday, Jolp iOS app testing, took Heleen some flu meds, walked to the office, lunchtime walk and salad, lots of audio book listening, website content pondering, blog tinkering.
  • Wheat domesticated sapiens, and not vice versa. Listen to the Sapiens book.
  • Thursday, mushroom omelette, bit of a blur of random work, gym, last minute Morcheeba ticket shopping, Theatre on the Bay ticket shopping, game steaks and veg at Hussar (Kudu, Eland, Wildebeest) and a bottle of La Motte Rouge – dining alone again – great meal, a whisky at La Vie with Anton, Werner and Anton.
  • Stoic training: co-parenting with an irrational person.
  • Liberty vs equality – the primary modern political debate.
  • I’ve been doing more dead lifts – lower weight, more reps.
  • Friday, mushroom coffee, mobility routine, work, I made an exotic mushroom omelette for lunch, drove to Hout Bay with Heleen, pizza at Posticino’s, Morcheeba at Kirstenbosch – wax museum with a pulse – rather average, martini at Harvey’s.
  • Morcheeba at Kirstenbosch review: It was nice to see the original vocalist perform. The pre-act was lame elevator music. Morcheeba kinda never got going – not bad – but boring and lots of slow tracks… then about half way in they say: everybody get up let’s dance – play one song with a beat and then go back to a boring song – which was my queue to get out of there. Maybe I was expecting something different after the recent Pixies show at that venue. But, I still have a phone, so I should probably be happy.
  • “Occured to me later that the crowd would probably be full of girls in their mid-to-late 30s and early 40s who had probably given up on all expectations of men by now.” — Paul, about the Morcheeba show

  • Saturday, Granger Bay market, Waterfront, watched 7 days in Entebbe at the VIP cinema – good movie, promenade walk, sunset bubbly on the big Bakoven rock with Heleen, failed at finding something to watch on Netflix.
  • “I only fear a life without meaning”. — 7 Days in Entebbe.

  • Sunday, up before 7:00, Table Mountain walk with Heleen – pipe track, up Kasteelpoort, coffee by the reservoirs, a glass of wine at the cable car station, 20km hike, 27k steps, burger in a bowl at Da Vinci’s, nap, sunset braai on Heleen’s deck, took some glutamine and three types of collagen, slept like a baby, time well spent.
  • I now have a Cable Card. I’ll have to go for more hikes soon.
  • 9 days.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.