Quick Update

What is the most important thing?

Camps Bay
  • Week of 9-15 April.
  • Monday, braai meat for breakfast, office, lunchtime walk, BIA machine, free smoothie at One Juice, photo processing, biltong shopping, wine drinking session disguised as a meeting at Nick’s.
  • Tuesday, 1g of asprin, office, Cool Ideas meeting, audio book promenade walk, nap, salad at Primi in Camps Bay with Heleen, we watched Lenny, Andrew, Steve and Me at The Theatre on the Bay – good show, always liked that venue.
  • Funny how quickly 10Mbps internet became slow. You must have at least 200Mbps now, kids. :-P
  • Teraco in the news – I remember adding the “Data Environments” part to the name. To be honest, I never really liked the Teraco name, nobody knows how to pronounce it, but it seems to work well enough.
  • Wednesday, gym, office, dev meeting, catch up with Ian, omelette for lunch, Kloof Corner hike with Nick (was not brave enough to walk with the tourists up Lions Head), sunset walk on Camps Bay beach – watch the sun set from my favourite spot, 20k steps, great salad at Col’caccios, cheese and wine with Wouter and Maria, time well spent.
  • Thursday, mobility routine, made an exotic mushroom omelette with emmental cheese, audio book walk to the office, stayed at the office till after dark, made a veggie Thai green curry with Heleen.
  • The Sapiens audio book is excellent.
  • Desire creates suffering.
  • Friday, wrote a blog post for the Jolp app launch, office, catch up with Warwick, health hacking meetup with Nick and Ian in Gardens, burger in a bowl at Da Vinci’s and some random blogging, watched Colossal at the Nouveau movies at the Waterfront – strange but interesting movie.
  • The Jolp mobile app for iOS and Android is now available. Install it!
  • Dear Mia, you kinda have your own app now, have a listen, hope you like it. (-:
  • Saturday, breakfast at La Vie, fetched Mia from a sleepover party, free smoothies, found Mia some new shoes, watched Ready Player One 3D at Cape Gate – very entertaining, Rossouw made an apricot oxtail potjie at Jacques’ house – which was excellent, we slept of over at Jacques’.
  • Sunday, photo processing and playing with Jacques’ dog, oxtail for brunch – ultimate keto collagen meal, helped Jacques with his gardening (urban farming project), we drove to Elgin – while listening to the Wood Wide Web episode using the Jolp app – I think Charlotte liked the story, wine tasting (and buying) at Oak Valley with Jacques and Marietjie, wine tasting at Charles Fox, late lunch at Old Mac Daddy Food Barn with some Oak Valley chardonnay – yum, afternoon walk with Mia, in bed early – Mia slept in the Airstream caravan, fun weekend, time well spent.
  • 2 days.
  • Adventure.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.