Quick Update

I'm just a student, not a guru...

  • Week of 14 to 20 May.
  • Monday, made breakfast for Mia, podcast listening school run, gym, swapped an off-site backup hard drive, work, cooked a mean batch of green veggies and avo, power nap while listening to a podcast, sushi at 1890 with Georg in Obs, a white russian at Harvey's.
  • Very cool aB after movie.
  • "Never tell me the odds." -- Han

  • I introduced Mia to The Matrix movies. I need to watch them again.
  • Tuesday, nerded out on some new server tech, work, cooked another batch of green veggies, some Jolp app QA, ribs special at Van Hunks with Georg, caught up on some overdue blogging.
  • Worth a watch: Pyramids True Purpose: Advanced Ancient Technology
  • "That one person's time can belong to someone else is actually quite peculiar." -- You're Not Just Imagining It. Your Job Is Absolute BS

  • Wednesday, gym - nice sunny winter morning grid area workout, walked to the office, dev meeting, a glass of wine with Nick at Bootleggers.
  • Upgrade your Jolp app and check out the new content. New artwork and playlists.
  • Listen to the two recent interviews with Matthew Walker. Kevin Rose show and Joe Rogan.
  • Thursday, big round of backups, gym, Harvey's with Warwick and Dirk.
  • My iPhone battery went lame at 23 months, pretty much exactly.
  • Friday, office, dev meeting, oyster special at Sea Breeze with Paul, one drink at Hanks, one tequila at Aces and Spades (yes, really), Sotano.
  • Was reminded of this: "Paul has two settings: Liza Minnelli or Weekend at Bernie’s."
  • "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.", "Take drugs, not too much, mostly psychedelics." -- about Michael Pollan's new book.

  • Saturday, gym, omelette at Nu, general learning and tinkering, sunset promenade walk - epic sunset, cooked steak and veggies with Heleen.
  • Sunday, backups, more learning and tinkering, notes processing, nap, audio book promenade walk, managed to write a blog post on time - for a change.
  • Enjoy the process of learning.
  • Podcast queue zero again. Time for audio books. Listened to Anything You Want again by Derek Sivers - only 90min, do it.
  • I started listening to Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday.
  • Eat more sodium.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

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