Quick Update

The attempt to be here and now, and sleep…

Cape Town Lights
  • Week of 4-10 June.
  • Monday, gym, work, catch up with Pieter at Foodlovers Market, a bloody mary at Van Hunks with Anton, Wellness Warehouse, paleo burger at Da Vinci’s, non-vegan ice cream at unframed, a Bains at Harvey’s with Georg and Anton – chats about life, the universe and the 9th planet, La Vie.
  • Tuesday, walked to the office, upgraded to an iPhone X, lunchtime walk, after work drink at La Vie with Heleen, date night dinner at HQ with 7 guys, romantic cable car road drive to watch the city lights (not with the 7 guys).
  • Remember Strega and Pu Na Na bar?
  • iPhone X mini review: Works well. No home button or headphone jack, but you get used to that quickly. It’s a tiny bit big for one hand use, I guess I need a bigger hand. Face ID works well, in low light also. Dual camera portrait mode photos are cool and good fun to play with (more than one portrait photo this week, see below) . The screen is great, quality and size. I’ll need Airpods soon, to get to Apple fanboy level 10 status. The iPhone 8 is fine but it’s not the future. The new needs friends.
  • Must say, may latest iPhone upgrade process was fairly painless, more apps seem to keep their data and state in backups now, still took a while to move to a new device.
  • “A good traveller has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” — Lao Tzu

  • Wednesday, gym, office, dev meeting, Sababa lunch, Piazza St John, Nu with Michael and Nick, take-out from Food Inn India, in bed early.
  • Been listening to Why We Sleep, good book. I’m very happy that I’m a good sleeper, and always have been. Take afternoon naps. You will live longer.
  • Maybe sleep is our default mode. You only wake up to eat, so you can go back to sleep. I’ve been thinking, humans are maybe just some elaborate distributed analogue computer, we wake up – gather ideas, stories and images, then process these in REM sleep – in a range of combinations and permutations. The human colossus. Opportunity finding machines. Remix, defrag and reorganise – Dark City. I expect to see more research on psychedelics and sleep coming out soon. The line between our conscious and unconscious is fascinating.
  • Thursday, catch up with Jonathan and Ian, office, stayed in the office till well after dark, La Vie winter pizza special with Heleen.
  • Friday, office, fetched Mia, watched Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom at the Waterfront with Mia – not bad, entrecote steak special at Den Anker, gelato.
  • Saturday, rainy day, milky tea, backups, configured my new phone – did some phone housekeeping to make all my apps fit in two screens again, omelette at gym, grid area workout, Granger Bay market, Moro ice cream – best ice cream in Cape Town, took a few photos from the roof of our building, a glass of Bouchard Finlayson Kaaimansgat Chardonnay at 12 Apostles Leopard Bar, podcast listening drive through Constantia via Hout bay, a Botanist G&T at the Secret Gin Bar, Mia and I shared the 1kg ribs at Da Vincis and watched the 2nd half of the rugby, in bed early, photo processing, time well spent.
  • Sunday, smoothies at Wellness Warehouse, watched Please Stand By at the Labia – nice movie – LLAP, Company Gardens walk, watched The Search for Life at the Planetarium – Harrison Ford narrated NASA film – pretty good, Company Gardens Cafe, burgers and a sunset grapefruit mimosa at Mantra Cafe in Camps Bay, updated my geeky movies list, photo processing, in bed early.
  • The new Planetarium is pretty cool, go check it out.
  • I’m in the mood for health sprint soon.
  • I think we’re ready to call the recent Jolp app release Version 1.0.
  • Fat people need more sleep.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.