Quick Update

Deep nerding, Bodzin and dog walks around Bakoven...

  • Week of 9-15 July.
  • Monday, office, breakfast for lunch, braai with Georg, Christiane, Nick, Simone, Michael and Stephan Bodzin via Youtube.
  • Tuesday, office, lunch at Bootleggers, watched Revolution OS - never knew the Apache web server had such a big impact.
  • Wednesday, work, took Romeo for a walk on Camps Bay beach, salad at Col'caccio, attempted to take Romeo shopping - but the PnP security guard did not like that, catch up with Warwick and some hardware shopping.
  • I have a new hobby. It's good fun, very nerdy, and very time consuming, makes we want to be single for a while.
  • The Five Cognitive Distortions of People Who Get Stuff Done
  • Thursday, work, rainy day, played with some IPv6 things again - deep nerding day.
  • Friday, work, dropped Romeo off in Clifton with Christiane for a beach walk, office, Mojo Market, oyster special at Sea Breeze with Christiane and Romeo, food shopping, roast chicken and veg with some Stephan Bodzin and red wine at home, dark chocolate.
  • If it's in a FIB you can bill for it.
  • I'm going to miss Romeo. Dogs are cool.
  • Romeo is impervious to facial recognition. You basically can't take a phone of his face and see his eyes.
  • Saturday, up early, fed the dog and cat, random tinkering and deep nerding, Georg and Christiane came over for a glass of wine, took Romeo for a beach walk around Beta Beach, made some ASCII art.
  • Check out comm. Useful utility to compare lists in your favourite GNU/BSD environment.
  • Sunday, tea and fruit salad, took Romeo for a walk around Oudekraal beach, Beta beach visit, upgraded my Linode, home network now supports IPv6, sunset podcast promenade walk, I'm living in Sea Point again - a few weeks in Bakoven was fun, photo processing and blogging at Hussar Mouille Point - which now has wifi, joy - I avoided the soccer, time well spent.
  • Do you IPv6 yet?
  • Tune of the week: Cat Stevens - Another Saturday Night

Have a fun week, crazy kids.