Quick Update

Still here…

Green Point Park
  • Week of 9-15 September.
  • Health week: 4 of 6.
  • Monday, exogenous ketone breakfast, gym, feels like spring – finally, office, management meeting, lunchtime walk, found some new (non-Nike) entry level CrossFit shoes, audio book walk, nap, walked to the Waterfront.
  • Hoping crossfit shoe designers didn’t get the planned obsolescence brief, also Nike lost the plot, screw them.
  • Tuesday, mobility routine, tea, backups, work, cooked the More Life Labs Ultimate Brunch (TM), gym, spinning, swim, Green Point Park and sunset promenade walk.
  • I’m starting to think my omelette is the ultimate meal (see my Instagram feed). Easy to cook, nice to eat. Enough protein, enough fibre, enough monounsaturated fat (with some macadamia oil over the broc). Brunch of champions. One solid meal for the day.
  • How To Break Up
  • Hang more, from the pull-up bars. We were chimps once, we need to hang.
  • Wednesday, up early, gym, walked to the office, dev meeting, catch up with Jonathan, ribs special at Da Vinci’s, Moro gelato, watched the Apple event.
  • Watch S4 looks pretty cool. Now I just need to figure out two things. Will one of our super progressive mobile operators finally figure out how eSIM works (two years later), and can I deal with the ongoing annoyance of the Discovery emails telling me I have not reached they stupid ass goals. They do a really good job of making you hate them at least once a month.
  • I kinda remembered that the reason I don’t reach their goals might be that I never open their stupid app.
  • Thursday, up early, took my new trail shoes for a walk around Lions Head – had an almond milk flat white on the mountain, work, made the ultimate omelette again, work, gym, spinning, swim, Green Point Park walk, game steaks at Hussar again, yum, in bed early, time well spent.
  • I’ve been playing this game of… figure out which spinning instructors to avoid. So far I’m at 4/4. How hard can in be to play good music? 5fm listening muppets.
  • How to Fix Voting
  • Do what scares you!
  • “Learn to sell. Learn to build. If you can do both, you will be unstoppable.” — Naval

  • “My number one rule is never to compete with Elon in anything. I would never bet against Elon.” — Peter Thiel.

  • “The tracks stopped working.” — Peter Thiel, about not following all the usual paths.

  • If there is no risk, it’s not a real adventure.
  • “IYIs don’t deadlift.” — Nassim Taleb

  • After two weeks of fairly conservative political FB posts, I only lost about 0.6% of friends. I suspect the outrage-dimwits are a small percentage of people, at least in my experiment.
  • Friday, tea, mobility routine, catch up with Paul, walked to the office, telecon with Cumulus, meetings, epic nap, Wouter took a photo of my ‘just woke up from a nap’ look (see below), gym, swim, fetched Mia from a party.
  • Virgin Active announced that they will switch their saunas and steam rooms back on across the Western Cape from 1 October. Finally. I’d like to think my little campaign played some part in this. The Dictatorship Of The Minority – the most intolerant wins – Nassim Taleb.
  • Seasteading
  • Saturday, extend breakfast with Mia at The Winchester with some Miss Molly, Moro gelato at the Granger Bay market, French earl grey tea at the Table Bay Hotel, watched The Predator at the VIP cinemas with a Jamey – entertaining, Radisson Red rooftop, some Chardonnay at the Silo hotel (Willaston) bar, book shop lounging, walked to Lily’s, great paleo burger and amazing gluten free desert (apple and pecan) – nice dinner conversations with Mia, sunset promenade walk, perfect weather, watched parts of Van Helsing, in bed early, time well spent.
  • I’ve started drinking earl grey without milk.
  • Important to know who you are, what you like, and what you stand for. Make notes. Write… and share strong opinions.
  • Sunday, gym with Mia – grid area, swim, vitamin shopping, Sunday lunch leg of lamb at Jacques’ with some veggies from his garden, Waterfront, braai with Wouter, Rene and Luke, updated my FB, TW, IG profile pic and bio – was long overdue.
  • Tunes of the week: Baby Driver Soundtrack, how rad is that opening scene.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

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