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Quick Update

Writers live twice…

Hemel en Aarde
  • Week of 22-28 October.
  • Monday, school run, low carb breakfast, gym, work, Clifton 1st sunset with Georg and Sarah, time well spent.
  • I restored some backups this week! Joy! They were less than 12 hours old. It pays to have backups. Screw you entropy.
  • I got a blog mention.
  • Tuesday, up early, office, sunset promenade walk, watched Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.
  • “Don’t believe everything they say. I have fibre that was advertised as Bolt-speed. If it’s as fast as Bolt, I’m afraid he is on crutches!” — Found on FB

  • Wednesday, office, dinner with Jacques at La Vie.
  • Thursday, office, interesting chat at The Yard at The Silo District, a beer or two at Ferryman’s, braai at Dan’s house with Georg, watched more Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, well, not really – fell asleep pretty quickly, time well spent.
  • Friday, office, lunch at Kleinsky’s, a few drinks at the Mojo Market with Michael and Phil, in bed early.
  • Saturday, general tinkering, lunch at Mill House Cafe at Lourensford – dining alone, fetched Mia, road trip to Botrivier, stayed at Arcangeli Wines, Portuguese dinner at Manny’s, we watched Black Hawk Down – great movie.
  • Sunday, gourmet brunch at Wildekrans Wines, Hemel en Aarde road trip, Creation – great chardonnay, Domain de Deux – a favourite since 2015, sushi at the Hermanus new harbour, nap, Bot Rivier town visit, sunset vineyard walk with Mia, photo processing, time well spent.
  • Ataraxia: a state of serene calmness.
  • My iPhone photo counter wrapped past 10k photos – I think that’s a first.
  • Tune of the week: Christian Loffler live at Fontaine de Vaucluse for Cercle
  • Learn. Create. Make good art. Enjoy your life.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Running out of interesting topics…

Clifton 1st
  • Week of 15-21 October.
  • Monday, office, dev catch up, lunchtime walk, sunset podcast promenade walk, general tinkering.
  • Tuesday, work, gym, Green Point Park walk, catch up with Nick at Nu, bought three Udemy courses.
  • Less FB time, more learning.
  • Radiolab and 99pi used to be really good. The last few episodes were painful to listen to. Have we run out of interesting topics?
  • Wednesday, work, dev meeting, sunset podcast promenade walk.
  • Fighting the Commies. I’m now supporting Afriforum.
  • Thursday, office, watched Mia’s swimming gala, Melkbos beach with Mia, Jacques, Marietjie, Charlotte and Nesquik (the lab), early supper at Damhuis, dropped Mia off, a glass of wine at Anton’s house, Van Hunks with Anton and Georg, time well spent.
  • Friday, office, fetched Mia from school and had a quick meeting with one of her teachers, biltong shopping, chilled afternoon, dinner with Wouter, Rene and John.
  • Saturday, birthday present shopping with Mia in the Waterfront, a quick visit to Jacques and Marietjie’s for Charlotte’s birthday, road trip to Bettys with Mia, nice dinner and 30 Seconds game.
  • Sunday, woke up in Bettys Bay, nice brunch, Elgin Railway Market with Mia, gourmet burgers, Chardonnay and liquorice ice cream at The Pool Room in Grabouw, Clifton 1st with Mia and Georg, two swims, epic sunset, photo processing, time well spent.
  • “That’s why we have these pointy teeth.” — About eating meat.

  • IDW – the new Linux, for podcast nerds.
  • Culture wars. Equality vs liberty. Justice vs progress. That NPC meme is funny.
  • “Do things differently in ways that work.” — About creativity.

  • Dark mode has won. Only took ten years.
  • I’ve kinda started using Twitter again. Follow me. I’m almost at 1k followers.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Fighting the Commies

Handy list of civil rights groups and podcasts to support in South Africa

Updated: 24 July 2020

After a bit of research, I’d strongly suggest you support these groups, especially if you live in South Africa. I’m giving 4 of these money every month, you should too. Go read their websites, like their Facebook pages, follow them on Twitter, subscribe to their Youtube channels and give them money.

1) The Renegade Report : Website : Facebook : Twitter : Youtube : Donate

2) Morning Shot : Get a monthly Morning Shot membership, or Fund the show

3) The Cape Party : Website : Facebook : Twitter : Youtube : Donate

4) AfriForum : Website : Facebook : Twitter : Youtube

5) Jerm Warfare : Website : Donate

6) Cape Independence Advocacy Group : Website : Facebook : Twitter : Youtube : Get Involved

Do it!

Don’t say you did not know, and you did not have a chance to influence where South Africa is heading!

More groups to support:

Quick Update

Pigs, Patreon, Cointreau…

  • Week of 8-14 October.
  • Monday, office, management meeting, breakfast for lunch at Knead, podcast walk, fish and chips special at Quay Four with Georg – first beer in more than a year, watched Seven again – great movie.
  • Nutrition is replacing religion for a lot of people.
  • Understanding ~unix and networking is probably a multiplying skill as much as coding is.
  • I’m now supporting The Renegade Report on Patreon. You should too!
  • Tuesday, work, backups, mobility routine, gym, swim, Green Point Park walk, podcast promenade walk, game steaks at Hussar.
  • Wednesday, office, dev meeting, Stellenbosch visit, late afternoon La Vie drink with Nick, sunset promenade walk.
  • Thursday, office, dinner at the Waterfront again, made a cocktail or two.
  • Friday, work, gym, ribeye steak at Primal Eatery with Adrian and Georg, a Talisker at Hanks, HQ.
  • Saturday, general tinkering, walked to the Waterfront, watched Recce – good movie, a Belgian beer at Den Anker, Clifton 1ts sunset with Georg, Aris Souvlavki, Tiramisu and Cointreau at La Perla, time well spent.
  • Sunday, braai at Justin’s place in Constantia – with a small pig and techno, epic nap, blogging.
  • Tune of the week: Mazzy Star – Fade Into You

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Switch on summer, from a slot machine…

  • Week of 1-7 October.
  • Hello Summer.
  • This post is late, sorry dear blog readers, I’ve been distracted. I’ve been fighting commies, I think.
  • Monday, school holiday, woke up in Bakoven, work, Mia and I took Romeo for a walk on Beta beach and then Camps Bay beach, braai with Georg in Bakoven with some Fleetwood Mac, time well spent.
  • Lesson of the week: what gets measured gets managed.
  • “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.” — Mark Twain

  • Tuesday, just a random Tuesday, let’s be honest, I had at least two, maybe three things to feel bad about, things I said, hmm, Hussar steak for lunch with Mia, work, watched Whiplash – great movie, we watched The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at The Theatre on The Bay – good show, go watch it, time well spent.
  • I think it’s good to badly embarrass yourself from time to time. Keeps you humble.
  • “There are no two words in the English language more harmful than ‘Good Job’.” — Whiplash

  • Wednesday, work, we made scrambled eggs and avo, watched Infinity Express at the planetarium with Mia, Jacques and Charlotte, a walk around the museum, Company Gardens cafe, braai with Jacques, time well spent.
  • The upgraded planetarium is rad.
  • “Only the Sith speak in absolutes.” — Jacques

  • Thursday, up early, data fixes, work, we took Romeo far a walk around Oudekraal beach, Posticino pizza in Hout Bay, Hout Bay beach walk, we watched Moon, time well spent.
  • Friday, we made scrambled eggs and avo, watched Venom – very entertaining, found Mia a new book to read, dropped Mia off with her mom, chardonnay and Bodzin – what an epic set, time well spent.
  • Not my circus. Not my Monkeys.
  • Saturday, fruit salad, meeting day, hacked together a little python script, Georg, Adrian and I tested our limits with some Indian food, Bodzin and wine, time well spent.
  • Sunday, woke up at around 14:00, new record, mostly listened to some Bach (which made me want to watch Seven) and tried to find my elbow, Clifton 1st beach day with Romeo, braai with Dennis and Hugo, time well spent.
  • Less time wasting, more learning.
  • Tune of the week: Cat Stevens – Where Do the Children Play
  • Romeo loves Cat Stevens.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

I love sleeping…

  • Week of 24-30 September.
  • This post is a bit late.
  • Monday, public holiday, packed up at Wolfkop, roadtrip with Paul, we stopped at our regular brunch spot – De Tol Padstal, Chardonnay on Paul’s lawn in Stellenbosch, pizza, NIN, watched Ray – good movie.
  • Tuesday, rainy day, woke up Stellenbosch, omelette at Basic Bistro, dumped some camping gear in storage, macOS 10.4 upgrade day – pretty painless, seem that after being away for a few days it takes 1/2 a day to get everything checked, synced, processed, read, downloaded, backed up, charged, upgraded and published again, watched 13 Hours – good movie.
  • I downloaded a podcast at Paul’s house on his 4 Mbps wireless link… we quickly forget how far we have come with fibre internet.
  • Mojave dark mode takes some getting used to – the light borders are a bit odd and it’s strange if some parts are fully white while the rest is dark – like web browsing and mail. Aperture still works fine.
  • I added 10 FB friends this week, but in general my FB friends number has not been growing for the last year or two… hmm, wonder if I’m less social these days.
  • Wednesday, office, dev meeting, data fixing, Teraco tour, chateaubriand steak at Hussar Mouille Point.
  • Thursday, office, dev meeting, data fixing, omelette for supper, podcast-nap, sunset podcast-walk, I’m behind with podcasts again.
  • Friday, work, fetched Mia, brunch at Vergelegen – start of the school holidays tradition, Waterfront, we watched Johnny English Strikes Again – not bad, lupper at Seelan, Kea tinkering, OS upgraded for Mia’s devices.
  • Brunch and lupper are the most important meals.
  • Been pondering some learn-create-multiplication-skills projects with Mia.
  • “Speaking, writing, psychology, design, conversation, 2nd language, persuasion, programming, meditation/focus.” — the Multiplying skills

  • Saturday, school holiday planning, gym – grid area – and swimming with Mia, fetched some keys, Blues and Chenin at Al’s event it Constantia, 4th annual Van Hunks potjiekos competition, Moro gelato, epic nap, watched The Greatest Showman – not bad for a musical.
  • Kinda forgot to add this to last week’s post, but I had a nice chat with Ben Brown at Wolfkop.
  • Sunday, we walked to La Perla, Campari for breakfast, great lunch, gelato, epic nap – kinda missed the beach mission plan, bubbly in Bakoven – looking after Romeo again, watched Mr Nobody on an Afrikaans ‘smart tv’ – odd movie.
  • Campari beats Aperol.
  • I think I value consistency, more than most people. But, in behaviour not thinking. We are too attached to what we believe. When last did you change your mind about something?
  • “As long as you don’t choose, everything remains possible.” — Mr Nobody

  • Slept a lot this week. Feeling good. I love sleeping.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.