Fighting the Commies

Handy list of civil rights groups and a podcast to support in South Africa

After a bit of research, I’d strongly suggest you go support these guy, especially if you live in South Africa. I’m giving them money every month, you should too. Go like their Facebook pages, follow them on Twitter and give them money.

The Renegade Report : Facebook : Twitter : Monthly Payment – Patreon card payment

IRR : Facebook : Twitter : Monthly Payment – Payfast card payment

AfriForum : Facebook : Twitter : Monthly Payment – debit order, they will phone you

Don’t say you did not know, and you did not have a chance to influence where South Africa is heading!

ps. let me know if you find more of these.


A few people commented. Two more options to support below. A fair amount of criticism of the IRR. Maybe double check that you agree with the IRRs messaging before you support them.

Helpende Hand
GOSA : Gun Owners of South Africa

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