Fighting the Commies

Handy list of civil rights groups and podcasts to support in South Africa

Updated: 24 July 2020

After a bit of research, I’d strongly suggest you support these groups, especially if you live in South Africa. I’m giving 4 of these money every month, you should too. Go read their websites, like their Facebook pages, follow them on Twitter, subscribe to their Youtube channels and give them money.

1) The Renegade Report : Website : Facebook : Twitter : Youtube : Donate

2) Morning Shot : Get a monthly Morning Shot membership, or Fund the show

3) The Cape Party : Website : Facebook : Twitter : Youtube : Donate

4) AfriForum : Website : Facebook : Twitter : Youtube

5) Jerm Warfare : Website : Donate

6) Cape Independence Advocacy Group : Website : Facebook : Twitter : Youtube : Get Involved

Do it!

Don’t say you did not know, and you did not have a chance to influence where South Africa is heading!

More groups to support: