Quick Update

Las Vegas for Telco Nerds…

  • Week of 12-18 November.
  • Not a health week.
  • Quick Update week 550.
  • Monday, podcast school run, gym, Stone Three visit, office, late lunch omelette, sunset podcast promenade walk – podcast queue zero, watched some youtube over ipv6 – the history of unix.
  • Pocket Casts app now has an episode search feature. Only had to give them a one star rating and complain about it 3 times. I gave them a 5 star rating this week.
  • Tuesday, AfricaCom at the CTICC – booth babes and hardware, AfricaCom opening party with Sybren, AFest party at Shimmy’s with Ben – managed to get a VIP upgrade, Seacom party at The Grand, long day – three parties in one night was maybe not the best idea.
  • Wednesday, AfricaCom, meetings, more meetings and more meetings – some interesting info on whitebox switches and a plan to start an open networking group, walked up Long Street, Moro ice cream, in bed early, watched a bit of Alien Covenant – no aquarium party this year.
  • Thursday, walked to the ZAPF event at the Radisson, I was on a panel discussion about network automation – hopefully I said a few sensible things, sunset drinks at the Radisson.
  • Friday, office, brain food at the Mojo Market, podcast nap, El Buro dinner with Georg and a few tequilas.
  • “Basically a Raspberry Pi for 100Gbps switching.” — Georg, about a whitebox switch – new toy.

  • Saturday, meeting in Constantia, lunch with Nick and Simone at Loading Bay – go there for extra slow service, epic nap, sunset podcast promenade walk, Waterfront, watched A Star Is Born – good movie, Den Anker, watched the 2nd half of Alien Covenant.
  • I never really liked the last two alien movies.
  • I really like Den Anker. Been a favourite for 15 years. Good memories.
  • Sunday, home wifi troubleshooting, drinks at Harvey’s with Wouter and Barry – great burger, Clifton 1st swims and sunset with Georg, Nick and Simone, dinner at Georg’s, time well spent.
  • Do meaningful work.
  • Good ideas and bad ideas should go to war.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.